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25 February 2011

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I'm trying to give my blog a new look so please bear with the unruly sidebar.

study time!

What would you do if your child suddenly loses interest in studying? How will you deal with it? Or have you been in that situation in the past? How did you solve the problem? How did you help your child?

study time

I do try to be patient and understanding (tries real hard to conjure every single good trait a mom should have) whenever he says, "I don't want to study Mama". But when I've tried all tricks up my sleeve and he still becomes more adamant to not study, by himself, I then study with him. He doesn't want that because I tend to ask questions not covered by the book and I advance him to the next lesson. 

He'll be in 4th grade next year, hopefully he'll be more diligent in studying by himself. I don't want to tutor him for like forever. What about you? Does your child likes to study?

seriland promo

seriland summer promo

unwelcome stress!

I wake up early during school days to prepare everything that RJ needs for school. When I'm done preparing his breakfast and food for lunch, I then wake up my son so he can eat his breakfast.

As I was helping him eat his breakfast this morning, my phone rings. "Ma'am, there's a problem with the school bus. We can't bring RJ to school. We already called the other kids and their parents will bring them to school", the bus mother (yaya) said.I got stressed and angry. The fee that I pay them is very expensive. I specifically asked the owner what they do in case school bus is in maintenance or has a problem. The owner assured me they have a back-up car.

I wasn't expecting OUR car as their back-up car! 


And besides, they ask for full payment every month. Even during school breaks like months of June, November, December and March. The least that they can do is give good service. "RJ can't be absent today. He has quizzes and the quarterly test is only a week away. No one can bring RJ to school also. Call your boss and tell her she needs to solve this problem."

The owner allowed them to use their car to pick up RJ. They should have not called me, they should have solved it themselves without requiring the parents to solve their problem for them. I need to stop eating food with lots of carbs.

teacher's pet

I don't think my son will ever be a teacher's pet. Although he doesn't answer back, whenever reprimanded by his teachers, he does tend to repeat things that he'd already been asked not to do.

He doodles all over his notebook while teacher is explaining something. He talks with his seatmates while other kids are busy trying not to sleep themselves. Whenever I ask why he does those thing, "I was bored". I guess that's the problem with traditional schools. Lessons are taught in a boring, repetitive way.

teacher's pet

Every year, I contemplate whether to enroll RJ in a progressive school. I've seen how distressful, for the child and mom, the environment and lessons are in a progressive school. Learning is fun and more interesting. But I always end up enrolling RJ in a traditional school because he's doing ok anyway. Even though he tends to get bored, he knows all the lessons, his grades are pretty impressive, and he does participate during class discussions.

i don't need you right now

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! I can't sleep because of too many ideas. Please, I don't need you right now. Sleep already brain!
I was already near the gate of dreamland when my neighbor slammed their door without any concern that everyone, in the whole neighborhood, is fast asleep already. 

I was finally able to sleep around 2am. The ideas, that were teasing me to get up and work more, finally left me in peace. I'm now wide awake and ready to work on those ideas.

should now plan for summer activities

RJ's summer break will officially start three weeks from now. I have to start looking for summer activities that he can enroll in. Summer last year was extremely hot so I decided to not enroll him in any sports activities. Hopefully, the summer weather this year is not as hot as last year.
art class

He did enroll in drawing/painting class at Museo Pambata but I think it was a waste of money. He was with the 6-9 age group and the lesson for that group was very basic. Imagine what preschool art is -that's what they did. It was easy peasy for RJ, altough he was just 8 years old at that time, he's always first to finish.

I'm planning to enroll him in art class again. Hopefully I'll find a class that will teach him more advanced painting and more complex lessons. I don't want another very expensive art class where he won't learn anything at all.

Swimming, soccer and basketball are on the list as well.

F is for fun day!

23 February 2011

Last saturday we watched the PyroMusical Competition...

We also attended the Travel and Tour Expo. We bought tickets for the Kaos show in March.

It was a FUN-tastic day for RJ!

ABC Wednesday meme

these kids can cook better than me!

21 February 2011

Watch these kids cook and you'll be amazed. I should show this to my son, maybe he wants to be like them. He did say a few times already that he wants to be a Chef when he grows up. He doesn't have to wait for a few more years, he can start now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he can cook like these kids do.

am i too thin?

My son is on the thin side unlike me who surely needs to lose some unwanted pounds especially on the tummy area.

"My classmate said I'm so thin. Am I too thin, Mama?"

He has long limbs and one of the tallest in his class. He does look thin but I don't think he's malnourished. I prepare, and make sure he eats healthy food so I'm not worried that he's thin. He does eat the not-too-healthy ones sometimes like bacon. Although, come to think of it, I buy lean bacon instead of those loaded with fat.

I have to be diligent in reminding him that he doesn't have to be fat, like the classmate who told him he's too thin, because fat isn't healthy. I have to explain as well that eating the right kinds of food is what's important.

Sandy's pizza

I have seen a number of good reviews, online and in print, about Sandy's pizza. One of their branch is located near my son's school. Out of curiousity, I had a pizza delivered on the eve of my birthday last year. The moment I opened the box, I knew that's the last Sandy's pizza I will ever buy.

Sandy's pizza

pizza toppings

The toppings were so few! There's not enough toppings for me to decide whether the pizza tastes good or bad. If you need appetite suppressants, go ahead and dial their delivery numbers. Just looking at the pizza will surely suppress your appetite.

the cheapest electric bill

My son's lesson last week in science class was about electricity. The teacher asked the kids to bring their latest electric bill. Our electric bill was the cheapest. We only pay less than 2000 pesos each month. Very cheap right?

The classmate who has the most expensive monthly bill pays 30,000 pesos, or more, every month.

meralco bill

I wonder how big their house is. Even if their house is as big as the white house or as fabulous as the most fabulous castle in the world, I'm not envious at all. It's hard for me to make our one bedroom house spick and span, I'm not too keen on hiring a maid, what more if we live in a much bigger house?

I'm more than happy to be labeled as the family with the cheapest electric bill.

fight his own battles?

It's very important for kids to learn how to fight their own battles. Dealing with their own little problems will help them become stronger emotionally and physically.

But I am one protective Mama. As much as I want to ignore it, I can't help defending my son RJ whenever I see him getting bullied. But no matter how the school tries to make these little bullies good, if they have tons of practice being a brat in their own home---they will forever be bullies.

As for letting my son learn how to fight his own battles, I think I should just close my eyes and cover my ears whenever he's with other kids. He can defend himself when I'm not around. I should let him do that too when I'm around instead of being as fast as a tornado in bullying the bully.


Or should I just homeschool my son so he doesn't have to get acquainted with bullies?


Two weeks ago, forgive me for the oh-so-late post, I watched Tangled. I was with my son, nephew and sisters. This movie is adapted from the fairytale Rapunzel. Although with a different plot, it's still about Rapunzel. Instead of falling in love with a prince, her love interest in the movie is a handsome thief.

Disney movie Tangled

RJ and my nephew enjoyed the movie so much. Although it has a bit of love story, it wouldn't be Rapunzel without it, the movie has more funny scenes. That's why kids and adults love this movie. I myself enjoyed it more because of the funny scenes. Good job Disney. I'm looking forward for more movies like this in the years to come.

what gift to buy, help!

18 February 2011

RJ's going to attend a birthday party tomorrow. He said that this classmate, the birthday boy, is one of the most quiet boy in class. "So what gift should we buy for him? Does he like to draw? Does he like to read books? Does he like any sports activities? What does he usually do in school?", I asked.

"He likes going to the library to study", replied RJ.

"What book does he read in the library?" I was thinking of buying a book because he likes going to the library.

"He just go to the library to study."

 So what gift should I buy a studious, quiet boy? Any suggestions?

I know you didn't read everything!

14 February 2011

I don't usually write a very long post. I make do with putting all important information in a few paragraphs. I myself don't read articles with irrelevant and repetitive sentences that doesn't even have any importance on the subject being discussed.

I knew when someone didn't really read my post. These are mostly bloggers who's main goal is just to bloghop. It's funny when they leave comments that doesn't make sense at all. For example my article is about my neighbor's cat and they comment about car phones.

Just an advice, don't just read the title and the first sentence of a blog post. Read everything unless you want your comment, that's way out of topic, published for all the world to see.

blue monday #1

07 February 2011

My first ever entry for Blue Monday.

This photo of Mayon Volcano was taken on our way to Legaspi City. Mayon Volcano is the only volcano that is said to have a perfect cone.

Very beautiful. One of the most awesome creation of God.

But not when it's "awake", Mayon Volcano is one scary sight.

                                                              Mayon Volcano's facebook page
Happy Blue Monday everyone!

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seminar for household helpers?

05 February 2011

I've been very unlucky with the maids and yaya's that I've hired in the past. Some doesn't want to follow MY rules in the house. I don't even ask them to wear an all-white uniform or any other kind of uniform other maids use.

the maid

Every single maid that I've hired doesn't know anything about housekeeping at all! They wait for me to tell, most of the time I have to teach, them what to do. They give me nothing but headaches so I decided not to hire a maid anymore.

How I wish there's a school for maids. Most agencies give a few days of house keeping seminar to would-be maids. But I don't think a few days is enough. A month or two of daily training should make them the best maid in the country.

mommy moments #6

04 February 2011

This is the song that we sing everyday, because he used to watch Barney 7 days a week, when he was still a younger. How I miss those days *sniff*.

C is for Celebration

02 February 2011

Because my son studies in a Chinese-Catholic school, he has a free day tomorrow in celebration of Chinese New Year. They have a whole day pre-New Year celebration today at his school. He's one happy boy because he doesn't have homework for two straight days!

kung hei fat choi
Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

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