the report card

30 November 2010

RJ's grades for the second quarter was given last thursday, November 25. I was very amazed of how calm I was when I picked him up. Usually I'm very jittery, to the point of almost hyper ventillating, on "the day" report cards are scheduled to be given. I've actually been  a "stage mom" the day he was born.

report card

My being calm, I think, has something to do with his high quizzes and test results. I was pretty confident that his grades will be better this quarter and I was right!


investing in a school service business

27 November 2010

I don't want to drive, due to too many reckless drivers, on the streets of Manila. I have no idea how I was able to finish the driving lessons I enrolled in a few years back. My son has to go to school on a school service, because of my unwillingness to drive on the dangerous streets of Manila, since 4 years ago.

I am not happy though with the buses accredited by the school. We have transferred from one bus service to another for the past 4 years. And I am running out of choices.
walk to school
This whole week the bus's aircon wasn't working. The owner has decided to just have the bus fixed during the weekend. She didn't even bother to look for a replacement bus. One time the bus just stopped on the middle of the road. The bus company doesn't have people who's in charge of giving roadside assistance to buses who will encounter problems while on the road.

If this keeps up, I might decide to buy a school bus. I have been thinking about it for months already. I will definitely buy a new one. And yes, I will drive these irresponsible people out of business. I'm sure I'll give a better service in giving the kids a comfortable ride to and from their houses.

have fun and get paid to do it!


you will always be my baby

"Mama! Why did you call me baby in front of my classmates?" My son was smiling but I know that I've embarrassed him again. I am so used to calling him "baby", I just can't help but forget that he's now a 9-year old boy.
big boy

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'll try not to call you baby in front of other people. But always remember that you'll always be my baby."

I'm really, truly sad that he's not a baby anymore. There'll come a time when he'll be taller than me, in 2 years based on how he's been growing, but he'll always be my baby. Soon he'll be a teenager and might (but hopefully not) need acne treatments, but he'll always be my baby.

santa's little darling contest

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oops, i did it again

I again allowed myself to drink something unhealthy. I'm not sure if diet pills will work with this one. It has lots of sugar you see.

My son had an early dismissal from school today. I was a bit early in picking him up so I decided to stay in the school canteen first. It's a very hot day so I got tempted in buying a straight-from-the-freezer Black Gulaman drink.

I only realized that I drank something not good for me when I already emptied the bottle. And when a friend, another mommy whose also picking up her son, looked at the bottle and back at me as if I murdered somebody. I have been complaining to her about my can't-fit-in-a-little-black-dress body for months already. Why didn't I think of throwing the empty bottle in the trash before she saw me?!

Oh well! Next time I will make sure not to drink anything unhealthy, even if I die of thirst! And if I can't control myself, I'm only human, I will throw the evidence right away.

free comic books!

24 November 2010


if the shoe fits

My son left his rubber shoes in the car. He was supposed to bring it up in the house but he forgot as usual. His dad has a client meeting the whole day and is not sure if he can make it in time for RJ's basketball practice. Because RJ's feet practically grows an inch every single day, based on a cheapeskate mom's observation, I thought of letting him borrow my shoes just in case his Dad couldn't make it.

I got the surprise of my life when he tried it on. Well, not that surprised actually. I have always known that he will one day have the same shoe size as mine but not this early!

rubber shoes

The older the kids grow, their needs and wants become more expensive. I now have to double my efforts in looking for online coupons.

I can't wait for the time when he can borrow his Dad's clothes already or the other way around. We'll surely save money on clothes when that time comes.

grrr! not again!

23 November 2010

I use cable internet, not because I want to, I just didn't have a choice. All other internet services, available in our area, has weak signal. Not a day passes by without me wanting to sue my internet provider. What angers me the most is that they don't refund payments for days when there's no internet connection. But relying in the justice system here is a waste of time and money. And that's another story that I have to rant about one of these days.

cable internet

Thank God for dear-old indoor tv antennas. I don't have problems with my television viewing. And the fun part is, it's for FREE!

watch for free!

22 November 2010

Remember the film-making contest for 7-10 year old kids that I wrote about last month? The winners were chosen already and they are in fact done with the workshop.

You have the chance to join the Film Festival.

can i go online?

That's how my son greets me when I pick him up in school. "Not unless you're done with homework. And you can only play for an hour." But most of the time, he only gets to go online on weekends. It's never a Cyber Monday, tuesday or even friday for him since he has lots of after-school work during school days.

going online

I don't want him to get addicted with online games this early ever. So I try to make his online playing an hour tops. Well, I try. But sometimes I lose track of time. Everytime that happens, RJ is one happy kid!

tips from a picky eater's mom

18 November 2010

When will he like food and really like it forever? My son is a very picky eater. I spend hours planning our weekly menu before heading to the grocery store. I don't mind eating nothing but white meat, fruits and vegetables. But that's not possible, I can't have just that because there's a picky eater in the house -my son RJ. A few weeks ago, he's so into chicken nuggets (again!). So I stuffed the fridge with chicken nuggets. After a few meals of "I like chicken nuggets very much", it's now on his list of "I hate this food".

chicken nuggets
When will I ever learn. I feel like I've won in a lottery everytime I hear him say, "This is yummy, Mama!" A few days after, I have to look for weight loss supplements because I end up eating the "yummy food" that I-thought-he-will-like-forever-so-I-bought-a-months-supply.

From now on, I'm putting my foot down. I will only prepare healthy food whether it's yummy for him or not. It's better for us to eat fresh, healthy food than stuff our body with yummy but dangerous-to-our-health food.

the next glee star

17 November 2010

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My Dad is an Ilocano. But not everyone, namely mom, me and my sisters, can speak and understand the Ilocano dialect. I and my sisters grew up in my mom's hometown in the Bicol region. The region is famous for its spicy delicacies, the almost-perfect coned Mayon Volcano, the gentle giant Butandings of Sorsogon and handmade crafts (not perishable and can be used if cramming for last minute wedding gift ideas).

I've been to Ilocos Region during a school fieldtrip but I have yet to meet relatives on my Dad's side of the family. January of this coming new year, our family will go to Ilocos. Hopefully after that trip, I'll know more about my Dad's Ilocandia as much as I know about my Mom's Bicolandia.

It's about time I touch base with my Dad's side of the family. I will also try to learn the local dialect before the end of the year.


15 November 2010

The traffic situation in Manila is most unbearable on fridays. It starts as early as two in the afternoon and ends very late at night. Today is Friday. I am right now on my way to pick up my son from school. I am caught in traffic on a very hot, very humid day.


Although cars move in very very slow pace during traffic, accidents still happens. Undisciplined taxi and bus drivers, some private motorists as well, tend to overtake and force their vehicle when given a tiny space between two other vehicles. That causes accidents, undisciplined driving.

So, if you just bought a new car, make sure that you get the best car insurance quotes to get a good deal in case of unforeseen traffic accidents in the future.

The results are in! Drum roll please...

09 November 2010

The week before semestral break was RJ's 2nd quarter exam week. And today, first day of school after school break, the test results were given.

My eyes darted straight to his Chinese test result. I would have jumped with joy, he got 82 out of 90, but was shocked when I saw what he got in Reading and Language.

He always ace the tests in all subjects except Chinese. He's good in Chinese oral tests. But during written exams, his handwriting always pulls down his grade. He always writes fast and doesn't care if his handwriting is not understandable.

So imagine my happiness going poof! when I saw what he got in Reading and Language. It's still passing but not like what he usually gets. He didn't read the instructions properly. He just scanned it and proceeded to answer the test paper. 


Last time he wasn't able to answer one page in social studies, so he had 10 unanswered numbers in the test! He said two pages got stuck together and he only saw it when he time was up already. 

He did learn from last quarter's mistake. I hope he'll read the instructions carefully next time. I can't wait to see his report card.  

its fun! its free!

nido scientastic

night at the museum

03 November 2010

This post is not about the popular movie "Night at the Museum". This is a Halloween treat, at Zoocolgy Animal and Skin Museum, that will run on saturdays starting October 31, 2010 until January 6, 2011. Check out the website for more details.

Zoocology Animal Bone and Skin Museum

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