samoyed puppy

21 September 2011

I'm currently reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. I agree with most of her parenting style, partly because the "western" method of parenting doesn't work with my son. I'm not done with the book yet so I can't really rave or give a thumbs down rating yet.

samoyed puppy

I'm actually on the chapter about their dog. They have a Samoyed dog which is said to be a very intelligent dog and doesn't smell like one! My son has been begging for a pet dog. But because he's asthmatic, I'm hesitant to buy a pet dog for him. I have to find out if Samoyed dogs shed a lot of fur because it's not just the smell that can trigger asthma.

Is there a one stop shop to buy dog things? As early as now, I want to know if there's a place I can run to when I encounter dog problems, in case I buy one for RJ.

should i give up?


I put a lot of effort in preparing healthy meals for RJ. I usually spend hours in the supermarket, choosing the ingredients that doesn't have much or any preservative, for the week's menu.


For a person who doesn't like to cook, yup that's me, I am becoming exasperated with his picky eating. One minute I'm jumping with joy because he likes what I cooked, then when I cook it again he says he doesn't like it because it's yuck! It doesn't matter if I cook it again a few days after, the second or third try is always yuck for him.


picky eater


Should I just give up and give in to what he wants? Bacon, ham, eggs and other processed food every single meal everyday?

My new gadget

I usually do blog post drafts on my cellular phone's Quick Office application. I noticed that everything loads pretty slow, even opening a text message, after only a year of using the phone. I guess cellular phones, no matter how big the storage capacity is, can only accommodate a few installed applications and games.

iPod Touch 4G

I decided to buy an iPod touch 4G so I can still write blog posts even when I'm out of the house. I have to look for a good document management system. I need one that has the capability to store and organize documents. So far, I'm happy with my choice to buy an iPod touch. Loading time is excellent. It's even much lighter than my cellular phone, very easy to carry anywhere I go.

musically gifted

My son RJ is very good in composing songs, complete with lyrics and melody, even when he was still in preschool. I noticed that he can carry a tune even at such a young age. He's interested to learn how to play different musical instruments so I enrolled him in guitar and piano lessons last summer vacation.

online guitar lesson

He wants to have his own computer so I'm looking at refurbished netbooks online. He said that it would be easier for him to store his composed songs in his own computer. He also wants to learn more piano and guitar pieces on his own. All he needs to do is search and install a tutorial software on how to play the piano or guitar.

I want him not to waste his God-given talents so he has my full support in his journey in developing all his skills and talents.

strict mama


I'm going to be very strict again. My being lenient, since June - the start of the school year, has made my son irresponsible. The trial period is over. As much as I don't want to be a very strict mom, I don't have a choice. My being a very understanding mom, seldom gets angry, has turned my son into something that we both don't want him to be.


strict mom


He has tried my patience more than a dozen times. He doesn't copy his assigned homework and the schedule of quizzes. This has happened a lot of times, I talked to him calmly, explaining what it will do to his class ranking. Maybe because I was sooo understanding, he tried doing that a lot of times. Mama won't get mad anyway!


Today, I just had enough. I will not allow him to be an irresponsible child because I don't want him to be an irresponsible adult. From now on, when he does something wrong, I will make sure he understands the gravity of what he did and I will make sure that he doesn't do it again.

How to choose the right golf club

17 September 2011

My son loves spending time with his dad in the golf driving range. My bonding time with my son is a weekly movie date and a few hours on the driving range is his bonding time with his dad.

He needs new set of clubs though. His junior golf clubs are now too short for him because his dad bought those when he was only 3 years old. He's now 10 and need clubs that are more appropriate for his height. A golfer usually carry 14 golf clubs but since RJ is not a seasoned golfer yet, he only needs a half club set.

The most expensive golf club is not necessarily the best golf club. Before we decide on what golf clubs to buy, the first step that we did was to compare the different brands in the market by searching for online reviews.

golf swing

But what's best for one person doesn't mean that it's also the best brand for another. The next step to do is have RJ try out the top golf clubs based on the online reviews.

Here's a list of important things that needs to be checked when buying golf clubs.

Length - RJ's old golf clubs are already too short for him. A good length should allow a normal swing at the ball.

Weight - A club should be light enough to take it in the right position at the top of the swing.

Shaft Flex - Choose clubs that have nice, flexible shafts. It will give more height on the shots.

Grip size - If the grip is comfortable and it doesn't feel like one is holding a baseball bat, then it's the right grip size.

Hopefully we'll be able to find a new set of clubs, callaway golf clubs perhaps, for RJ soon. He doesn't want to borrow his dad's golf clubs since it's still a bit long for him.

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school report card

RJ's first quarter report card was given yesterday. I was not satisfied when I first saw his grade average of 90. But I don't tutor him anymore, he studies by himself so it's actually a very good grade. 

report card

Hopefully he'll get higher grades next quarter.

school bus problem

09 September 2011

Aside from the school bus' schedule of picking up my son in the morning, which is very early, my other problem with them is they always have a problem with their aircon. It’s always broken. I get worried whenever I see the windows open. There’s too much pollution in the city and my son has allergic rhinitis.

school bus

They always bring it to the same car repair shop, afterwards it still has the same problem. They’re just wasting their time and money on a repair shop that cannot fix the problem.

I have transferred my son to 3 different school buses for the past 4 years and I don’t want to look for another one. I already trust the driver and the bus mother on this bus service so I hope they fix the problem with the bus air-conditioning system.

bedtime drink


My son’s drink special for tonight is this…


drink specials


… a mug of warm milo chocolate drink with marshmallows.


He’s been asking me to prepare this for a few days already. But we’ve been coming home late for the past few days and there’s no time for him to have this bedtime drink.


But tonight, finally, he was able to enjoy a big mug, he used my mug, of warm chocolate drink. He went to sleep with a smile on his face.


thursday brownies

what’s for lunch?

01 September 2011

This is RJ’s packed lunch for school today, fried chicken. Fried food. Again.

fried chicken lollipop

As much as I want him to eat something more nutritious for lunch, the most that I can do is fry something early in the morning. I’m not a morning person so I’m still half-asleep at 5:30 am. And his lunch time is at 11:30 am. I’m worried that some other food like vegetables, or any other food with sauce, might be spoiled already when he eats it at lunch.

Whatever nutrients he missed for lunch, I always make sure that I cook something more nutritious for dinner.

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