I know you didn't read everything!

14 February 2011

I don't usually write a very long post. I make do with putting all important information in a few paragraphs. I myself don't read articles with irrelevant and repetitive sentences that doesn't even have any importance on the subject being discussed.

I knew when someone didn't really read my post. These are mostly bloggers who's main goal is just to bloghop. It's funny when they leave comments that doesn't make sense at all. For example my article is about my neighbor's cat and they comment about car phones.

Just an advice, don't just read the title and the first sentence of a blog post. Read everything unless you want your comment, that's way out of topic, published for all the world to see.


Chew On This said...

no comment :) LOL! just kidding. Don't take it against me but I do blog hopping too... most of the time. But I don't leave any comment if I don't have anything to say about the topic - especially if I don't understand any of it.

simply kim said...

hehe... i think i do this sometimes, lol!

chubskulit said...

Hahahah nagiulok tuloy ako digdi.. Kadakol kong comments na arog kayan Manay, but I just let them go kasi I understand how precious their time is. I do appreciate their visit na lang hehehe.. But you are right, wag na lang sana magcomment if not related to the topic..

zoan said...

wow! TAMA!!! haha hindi ako nagbabasa minsan pag mahaba at hindi masyadong catchy ang tema eheheh

pero binasa ko ito ha. promise LOL

following you now sis. thanks MWUAH

Stylish Voyager
Lucky Zoan
Farm Girl turns Blogger

rjs mama said...

@chew on this, i do bloghop too and same with you i don't leave a comment if i don't have anything to say about the topic

@ kim, manay and zoan, glad that you read everything in this post :D

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