The Ultimate Shower Experience

29 October 2012

Your shower is a very personal and indulging experience, allowing you to relax and recuperate from a long day or night. Different tools and devices can help to improve your experience in the shower, adding massaging and safety elements to your session. Hand held shower heads allow you to establish control of your shower and pinpoint the areas where your body needs cleansing the most. Additionally, a sturdy shower curtain track helps keep your unit in place and blocks the water from reaching the floor.


Updated technology gives rise to new bathroom essentials that can improve your experience and make you feel better. Hand held ergonomic shower heads give you more control in a frame that is gentle on your hands. This item is great for hard to reach places and usually comes with controls to adjust the power, rotation and movement of the water. Hand held stainless steel shower heads are robust and durable, and make a wonderful aesthetic component to any bathroom. If you are working with a tight space, a shower curtain curved track can make your bathtub or shower look larger, as the middle peels out to give you more room. This also helps to contemporize your design elements with a unique appearance.

Showers make up a good portion of your daily routine, as you may take one to three each day. Therefore, it is beneficial to optimize your feel in the shower and establish a high level of comfort in this area. Take advantage of new technology and update your shower to improve such an important component in your life.

How to Distinguish Real From Fake Philippine Peso Bill

13 October 2012


It’s Christmas season once again. Some people are now taking advantage of this busy “spending” season by distributing fake peso bills.




Here are the most important things to check whether a peso bill is REAL and not a fake one. This is lifted from the Central Bank of the Philippines’ website.

  • Paper should be rough when fingers are run through it.
  • Contours of the silhouette of the portrait, on the face of the currency, on relatively new notes can be felt when fingers are run through it.
  • Serial number are composed of 1 or 2 prefix letters and 6 or 7 digits and glow under ultra-violet light.

For the complete checklist, visit website and type “Know Your Philippine Currency” on the search box.

Characteristics of a Sports Coach

12 October 2012

We went to my son's school before lunch so he can shoot some hoops in the school gym. There was a volleyball tournament at that time, both in the grade school and high school gym. Other schools like to rent there because of the school gym's excellent lighting. While waiting for one of the courts to become vacant, we watched an on-going volleyball game.
There's this girl who was doing badly in the game. She must have been causing a lot of trouble to the team's score because the coach asked one of her team mate to replace her in the game. When she was already seated, the coach angrily told her, "What were you doing inside?! Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc."
I got embarrassed for her, I can't imagine what she, who was berated in front of a lot of people, felt at that moment. She must have felt really horrible. My son's swim coach never did that to anyone in the swim team. He would get a lashing from me and the other mom’s I assure you, if he ever did that.

Patient, kind, understanding and encouraging. That’s what a good coach should possess. The school should fire that volleyball coach!

Fish Recipe for Kids

11 October 2012

I'm trying to feed my son more healthy food. So I started to make fruit shakes and vegetable soups for dinner.

Fish is not really his favorite. But because I'm also on a diet and trying to lessen my meat intake, I tried making my own recipe to make it kid-friendly.


Here's the very simple recipe:
1. Sprinkle the fish (I usually use Dory or Tilapia fillet) with a dash of pepper (I usually don't use salt), ginger (chili flakes for that extra kick) and lemon juice (kalamansi will do as well).
2. Wrap it in foil. I usually add leafy greens, tomatoes and whatever veggies I have in the fridge. The juice in the veggies will add flavor to the fish.
3. Steam.
4. Here's how your kids will love it: Top the steamed fish with cream cheese and sprinkle with cheddar cheese.

And even if they don't eat the veggies, the juice from the steamed veggies has seeped in the fish.

Awesome idea or what?

My son loved it by the way.

Would you allow the nanny to disciple your kids?

This is one thing that my mom allowed which I swore I'll never do when I have kids of my own. My son doesn't have a yaya (nanny) but if he has one, I will never let the yaya give any form of discipline to my son.

It's the parents responsibility to teach good manners and to discipline their kids. God gave them those kids, not to other parents, not to the yaya, so why give the big responsibility of disciplining their children to the hired help. Their upbringing is different from the parents, so their own views and ways with regards to discipline is probably different from the parents as well.

At the young age of 10, I questioned my mom's decision. I didn't talk to her about it though. I just didn't bother getting close to the yaya. That was probably my way of showing everyone that I don't agree with my mom giving the yaya free rein to discipline me and my sisters.

My sister C though was very close to her. I remember one time, we were having lunch, and my sister and the yaya were whispering and snickering while giving me sideway glances. "Don't you know that it's rude to do that in front of other people?", I angrily told them. I don't even remember anymore but I think my mom asked me to say sorry and leave the table.

I guess my mom was just so busy with work, she needed other people's help to teach us what is right or wrong. There were times when she also ask her sister to buy for her the things that we, her 5 daughters, need, like materials for my sisters project at one time. I understand that she needs to work but she could have just asked the yaya to inform her when we do something naughty and discipline us herself.

What about you, will you or do you allow your helpers to discipline your kids?

new drawing update

05 October 2012


After such a looong time, I was able to ask RJ to draw again. He’s my favorite person, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that, so I don’t want him to “forget” his talents. But even when I ask him nicely to practice drawing something new, aside from “scary” drawings, I think he feels that I’m “forcing” him to do something so he doesn’t do it. And he would rather play his PSP or watch reruns of his favorite cartoon shows on YouTube.


But he finally gave in.


A dragon, another one of his “scary” drawing, but it looks awesome!




He himself thought it was an awesome drawing. Don’t you think so too?



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