teacher's pet

25 February 2011

I don't think my son will ever be a teacher's pet. Although he doesn't answer back, whenever reprimanded by his teachers, he does tend to repeat things that he'd already been asked not to do.

He doodles all over his notebook while teacher is explaining something. He talks with his seatmates while other kids are busy trying not to sleep themselves. Whenever I ask why he does those thing, "I was bored". I guess that's the problem with traditional schools. Lessons are taught in a boring, repetitive way.

teacher's pet

Every year, I contemplate whether to enroll RJ in a progressive school. I've seen how distressful, for the child and mom, the environment and lessons are in a progressive school. Learning is fun and more interesting. But I always end up enrolling RJ in a traditional school because he's doing ok anyway. Even though he tends to get bored, he knows all the lessons, his grades are pretty impressive, and he does participate during class discussions.


Les said...

I had the same problem with my youngest son before, he even told his teacher that he is bored in class. He did that when he was in Kinder, now that is in Prep level he actively participates. He loves his classmates too.

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