charter on demand: missed shows, never again

29 January 2010

Our family love watching movies and television shows together. Due to hectic and conflicting schedules, we don't get to watch our favorite movies and television shows together. But because of Charter digital cable, those days would soon be over. Do you know that Charter Digital Cable includes free access to On Demand?

What is Charter On Demand anyway? Charter Cable TV On Demand allows you to choose among a variety of cable television options with just a click of a button. With Charter digital cable television you can catch all the latest episodes of your favorite shows from Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, and more.

The fun that you'll surely have with Charter On Demand doesn't stop there. You’ll have immediate access to Charter’s library of more than six thousand movies – from the classics to the latest blockbusters in HD – some available the same day they come out on DVD.

If your child (or you) suddenly needs to take a bathroom break, you can pause the movie! You are in control with Charter On Demand. Concerned with adults-only content? Parental control feature is available with Charter On Demand. It allows you to place locks on the ratings, channels and titles of your choice by just a few clicks on your remote control.

On Demand programming allows the whole family to relax and bond together in the comfort of one's own home. Do you want to find out more about Charter On Demand? Log-in and learn more at or get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

real leaf paparazzi

26 January 2010

Are you 100% on? My son definitely is. He is a very active boy. His secret...

He won't leave the grocery store without a few bottles of Real Leaf Green Tea.

Of course I don't want to stay there forever, so I have to buy him a bottle of each flavor every single week.

We visited my sister one weekend after grabbing a few bottles of Real Leaf Green Tea on the way to her house.

That's Ms. F, she's my 6 year old niece. What is she looking for? Is she hungry, looking for food, or thirsty?

My niece likes Real Leaf Green Tea also!

No, she loves Real Leaf Green Tea!!

But wait, my son saw her.

After more tugging and pulling...

...somebody won. My son is older so he's definitely a lot bigger and stronger than my niece.

Poor Ms. F

Don't cry Ms. F, don't be sad, there's still more in the refrigerator.

After drying her tears, she asked for A BOTTLE (not just a glass) of Real Leaf Green Tea.

Hmmm, tastes so gooood!

What about you, want some?

In our house, there's a bottle (or more) of Real Leaf Green Tea for each member of the family. Even for Mr. Bear.

do not bully my son

Have you ever confronted somebody who is bullying your child? I have. A lot of times.

Because they didn't show respect to me. They don't care at all that they are bullying my son in front of me? Bullying for me is not just punching or being rough. Hurtful words or snide remarks, that is also bullying.

I also don't care if the child's parent is also there. I give them a chance to reprimand their child first. If they don't do it, I will gladly do it for them.

Yesterday, during my son's swim practice, one boy was shouting "boo rj!" while putting a thumbs down. I already confronted that boy before, I don't care if his dad is a Judge. I was so mad yesterday, I decided not to confront him.

I have to talk to the coach today. I will also talk to that boy if he does it again today.

save for the rainy days

24 January 2010

What does the idiomatic expression "save for the rainy days" mean? It means putting aside something, usually in the form of savings and investment, to be used for future needs. The best way to save is to cut back on expenses and use the saved cash to invest into something profitable.

Here are some of the things I do to save and invest.

1. Bring a calculator during grocery shopping to be able to compare the prices of different food brands.
2. I cancelled my call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and three-way calling on our landline.
3. I don't have credit cards anymore. First and last credit card usage was 10 years  ago.
4. Instead of hiring a driver to bring my son to and from school, I got the services of a school bus instead.
5. I also cancelled our cable subscription.
6. I only buy clothes, accessories, etc during the sale season.
7.  30% of my earnings online I goes directly to the bank.
8. Invest some earnings in mutual funds.
9. Opened up an online trading account.
10. Invest in small businesses that I can do at home.

My son already has his own savings account. He opened one using the Christmas monetary gifts that he got from family and friends two years ago.

What about you, what are your ways of "saving for the rainy days"?

you don't have a Wii?!

Wii is not just a gaming console, it's a reason to get together with your friends and family and play today's hottest games. Wii offers legendary Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, as well as all new classics like Wii Sports and Wii Play. Create your own Mii character to star in Wii games. Play friends online over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or use the Internet Channel to surf the net from your sofa. You can even download classic Nintendo games using the Wii Shop Channel. Take a look around and see why your TV is not complete without Wii.

My son, RJ, doesn't have a Nintendo Wii. Why? Because he already has a Nintendo DSi. His classmate though called him loser because he's the only one in school, according to that classmate, who doesn't have a Wii.

I said to RJ, "You are not a loser". In my opinion, the real losers are those people who buys things just because their neighbor or friend has one. It doesn't matter if one can afford it, what matters is one should only buy things that they need.

Should I buy him one? Maybe not now. What do you think?

he doesn't want to practice

19 January 2010

I have written on my previous post that my son is joining a talent show in school. Well, actually just it's an exclusive talent show for his Social Studies class. They are learning about talents and the different ways that we can use our God-given talents to benefit ourselves and our community (particularly to improve our Country).

My son is being very difficult these past few days. It is so painful for me, emotionally, to suppress my anger already. My patience is definitely wearing thin. He doesn't want to practice because he wants to play with his Nintendo DSi instead of practicing the song that he is going to perform tomorrow!

Yes, it is tomorrow already and he hasn't practiced yet. Well he did practice these past two days by just humming the song. As I have said, he spent the weekend just playing with his Nintendo DSi. He already suggested that he wants to quit already. The word "quit" coming from his mouth is really not acceptable for me. He said that I am making him work so hard by asking him to practice. Tonight, we have to practice for the last time. I hope I won't get mad at him tonight. I hope God will give me more patience. Just until tonight, so I can survive the pain suppressing my anger while practicing a complaining child. Tomorrow it will all be over. I hope to survive until tomorrow. I hope he does well tomorrow.

my son, a singer?

15 January 2010

I have been telling my son, from the time he can already understand simple words, about the talent's that God has given to each and every person he has created. That God has given us the responsibility to discover and use our talents.

When I picked up my son, RJ, in school today...
RJ: "Mama, I am joining a talent show."
Me: "Really, when?"
RJ: "Wednesday, next week."
Me: "Did teacher asked you to join?"
RJ: "No, I volunteered to show my talent in singing."
Me: (He has a talent in singing??) "I am so proud of you, son!"
RJ: "Only 5 out of 35 kids in our class are joining."
Me: "I am so proud of you."
RJ: "Now I have a problem, I don't know what to sing. I am thinking of 'We will Rock You' from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. But there are other songs that I also want to sing."
Me: "We will practice, don't worry about it. I am so proud of you."

I was shocked and proud at the same time. Shocked that he wanted to show his talent--in singing (?) and proud of his confidence that he has a talent--in singing (?). He doesn't have a horrible voice, he can carry a tune. I've noticed that when he was still a toddler, maybe he does have a talent in singing. But all he has been singing (in the house) are his OWN compositions. Mostly unintelligible words with lots of banging of the guitar (he doesn't know how to play the guitar, by the way).

What will I do if, instead of the song from Alvin and the Chipmunks, he wants to sing his own composition in the talent show?

I guess I will allow him. It's good that he is confident of his talents.

But what if the other boys (he attends an all boys school) teases him because they don't understand his song composition?

Well, I have to wait for his decision on what he will sing. Will talk to him later.

curvaceous body, you want?

12 January 2010

What is your definition of beauty? Do you think you're beautiful? If a person has a pretty face and a "healthy" body, do you think that person is beautiful? After giving birth, a woman's body changes. Most of the time, if not always, new mom's feel that they have gained more weight than they intended to have. Insomnia, lack of appetite, insecurity - these are some of the bad effects of not feeling secure with our body.

Women and men alike have been taking advantage of newly developed technologies to have a better body. Most often than not, more and more people turn to liposuction to solve their weight issues. Laser Assisted Body Sculpting is more requested than the traditional liposuction. The overall benefits of laser-assisted liposuction are the following: smaller incisions can often be used; large, unsightly scars are not common; quicker recovery times; less pain during recovery; possibility of helping with cellulite reduction; increased skin retraction and elasticity.

Do you think you need a curvaceous body? Are you planning to have a liposuction procedure done, or have you had it already? Share your stories here. Other people can learn from other people's stories.

canteen food, clean or not clean?

I have been preparing my son's recess food since he started going to school. I seldom, actually once-in-a-blue-moon, let him bring to school biscuits. Junk food, not at all. I usually prepare sandwiches, fruits and milk. He started bringing lunch food last school year. Lately though I am getting tired (not to say very annoyed) of throwing his left-overs in the garbage. I keep lecturing him that it's a waste of money to throw nutritious food. In the house he eats it but in school he'd rather play than eat during lunchtime.

I was thinking of just letting him buy lunch food in the school canteen. To save me precious time (I don't have to wake up very early) and energy and to save my feelings from getting hurt (he says the food tastes yucky).

I'm having second thoughts though. I don't have any idea if the food is clean. Should I ask permission to visit the kitchen and check how they prepare the food? What if they purposely make my son's food dirty because I don't trust that they serve clean food. I've seen on television once, a pizza delivery boy spit on a customer's pizza because he thinks the customer asks a lot of questions.

What do you think? Should I let my son buy canteen food?

new year, new (additional) work-at-home jobs

07 January 2010

I graduated from the University of the Philippines with an Applied Mathematics degree. I worked as a computer analyst (and after that as an Actuarial Assistant) for a few years. Was not happy with those jobs though, find it unenjoyable and nerdy. So after giving birth to my son (actually while I was still pregnant) I decided to be a work-at-home mom. I have been working at home for a few years already. I have a homebased travel agency, I cater to family, friends and friends of friends. I also tutor elementary students (all subjects) and high school students (math subjects only). I don't find tutoring math nerdy and boring though since I get to interact with young kids, that makes me feel young(er).

This year I am adding three additional part-time jobs to my already hectic schedule of being a stay-at-home mom (I don't have a maid and nanny), travel agent and tutor. I am now officially an online tutor and a mystery shopper, new exciting jobs for the new year!

The third job that I am also planning to try out is being a real estate agent. I have been researching about it for a few months already. I am now trying to design my business card. The hard part is designing my own logo to make it (look) more official. Hope I finish making it already before the end of this month.

Being a stay-at-home mom was the best decision I have made. I can have different jobs and be able to use ALL the talents that God has given me. I know now that I am not just a math nerdy.

it's time everyone doesn't fly...cebu pacific

I have never availed of the low airfares offered by the airline company in the Philippines-Cebu Pacific. I am not comfortable with the 1peso (yes, you read it right ONE PESO. around $0.02), plus of course the taxes and terminal fees, seat sale offered by the airline year round.

The news yesterday about the embarrassing situation that was inflicted by Cebu Pacific crew members on a special child (and family) really made me sad and angry at the same time.

I symphatize with the boy's family, not because I have a nephew diagnosed with mild autism, but because this was so irresponsible and unfair of an airline with a motto "It's time everyone flies...Cebu Pacific".

I just don't understand why they only allow 2 people with special needs inside an aircraft. That was their reason why they wanted the family to leave the airplane. This was an international flight, is the aircraft that small that they don't have enough crew members for more than 2 people with special needs inside the plane? People with special needs will not travel anyway without other family members with them (to of course give them the care and attention they need). So, crew members shouldn't worry about having 2 0r more people with special needs on board the plane.

Given that they have rules (or whatever they call it) like that, why did they allow them to buy tickets, gave them boarding passes and allowed them to board the aircraft in the first place? (Do other airlines have the same rules also?) There were a lot of opportunities for them to tell the family, PRIVATELY since they were inside the plane already, without the not-needed-embarrassement infront of other people. Since the airport crew already made the mistake of letting them board the aircraft, why didn't they just inform the family of their rules. They could have allowed them to join the flight with the condition that next time they should inform the airport personnel that one member of the family has special needs and to please check the manifest if the flight they are joining doesn't have another special child/adult already.

Could have saved them (airline) embarrassment also and a lawsuit. I salute the mom for protecting her child and for standing for her child's rights. May she be an inspiration to other mom's with or without a child with special needs.

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