another competition, why??

28 February 2010

As a member of his school's swim team, my son already has responsibilities. He needs to attend swim training everyday for 2 hours. The other day though, he doesn't want to train. But I told him he needs to. First of all, because of swimming everyday, his asthma attacks were nil this year. I want to believe that swimming made his body stronger thus leading to no attacks this year. I told him he has to train for his health.

swimmer, number 1, swimming

Last weekend, he had another competition and he did pretty well. What do I tell him everytime he doesn't want to swim or join competitions? I encourage him and tell him that what's important is for him to have fun. Doen't matter if he brings home a medal, ribbon or nothing.

do you love to sing?

mp3 search engine, songs

My son's other favorite pastime, next to playing videogames, is singing. Isn't it obvious on the picture? After dinner every night the next thing he does is turn on his MP3 player. He loves listening to his favorite songs. It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face when I hear him singing his heart out.

I have already noticed when he was just a toddler than he can carry a tune. Most people can't even sing a simple do-re-mi. Yet, him at one year old, can sing Barney's I Love You song without a note off.

I even enrolled him in a singing class when he was 2 years old, paid for the enrollment fee in full, but he didn't finish it. Not because he's not interested in singing anymore. He was with bigger kids at first and he enjoyed it so much. When the teacher transferred him in a class with kids his own age, he doesn't want to participate anymore. Funny but true.

There's still lots of space in his MP3 player. I don't have time at the moment to add new songs in his MP3 list. I always make it a point to look for age appropriate songs on virus-free MP3 Search Engine. When I do find the time, I will also clean up the list and remove the songs that we both don't like listening to.

after school, what does your child do?

25 February 2010

iPod, HSM, favorites

He is into High School Musical songs these days. We don't have cable television and we usually arrive in the house at around 7pm already. So, after dinner he just turn on the iPod and listen to HSM songs. Well, some days The Beatles songs.

Yes, his other fave is The Beatles.

i refuse to have wrinkles!

My son had a very happy Christmas break last December. Imagine, three weeks of not doing any homework! Unlike him though, I basically had a stressful holiday. "I promise I will stop playing the videogame when you tell me to stop." As expected, we always argue everytime I tell him to turn it off.

I was very horrified one day when I discovered a line between my eyebrows! Yes, I am afraid of lines on my face! I don't like wrinkles! Who wants one anyway?

I right away doubled the amount of the skin care products I put on my face, particularly moisturizer and eyecream.

Would you believe it disappeared after a few days? Yes it did.

I believe it is because of the INGREDIENTS and the SCIENCE behind skin care products nowadays that makes these products more effective in combating aging. More and more key ingredients are being discovered which work better than the ingredient's in the skin care products our mom's were using years ago.

Clinical trials revealed that Matrixyl temporarily produced a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles. In fact, researchers documented changes as high as 68% .
The research left no doubt: Women who had used Matrixyl throughout the study experienced dramatic results. Further, it was proven that the longer they maintained use of Matrixyl, the more dramatic their results.

Another one is RENOVAGE. It helps maintain telomere length, and thus the lifespan of cells, by promoting the skin's natural protection and repair factors involved in anti-stress, detoxification, and telomere maintenance and DNA repair. Aging begins at the cellular level within the DNA. Telomeres, part of the DNA structure, grow shorter as cells replicate, and as they shorten, cells begin to enter a senescence state. By increasing the lifespan of the cell, cell function is enhanced, tissue quality is improved and the skin's youthspan is extended, reducing all visible signs of aging- not just wrinkles!

I am so glad we have scientists who continually research ways to improve our life. And I am so glad the wrinkle between my eyebrows hasn't resurfaced.

What about you, do you refuse to have wrinkles?

I Won’t Last A Day Without You

During the Mother and Son Kab Scouts activity last Saturday, the boys gave their post Valentine card to their moms. They we're all singing (at first) the Carpenters' song I Won't Last A Day Without You. Then some decided (including my son!) to just sit down and let the teachers (and the Carpenters) finish the song.

I Won’t Last A Day Without You
by: The Carpenters

Day after day, I must face a world of strangers
Where I don’t belong, I’m not that strong
It’s nice to know that there’s someone I can turn to
Who will always care, you’re always there

(*) When there’s no gettin’ over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won’t come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won’t last a day without you

So many times when the city seems to be
Without a friendly face, a lonely place
It’s nice to know that you’ll be there if I need you
And you’ll always smile, it’s all worthwhile

Repeat (*)

Touch me and I end up singing
Trouble seems to up and disappear
You touch me with the love you’re bringing
I can’t really lose when you’re near
When you’re near, my love

If all my friends have forgotten half their promises They’re not unkind, just
hard to find
One look at you and I know
That I Could learn to live without the rest
I’ve found the best

Repeat (*) twice

how to lose unwanted weight after pregnancy

I never thought I will ever see myself fat since I was stick thin my whole teenage years. I gained so much weight while I was pregnant with my son. But since I want my son to get all his needed nutrients while inside the womb, I didn't think of myself that time. I gobbled all the milk, food and vitamins my Obstetrician prescribed to me. I was getting heavier yet I was happily convincing myself that it was just the growing baby inside my tummy. Imagine my mixed feelings of horror and disappoinment when I stepped on the scale a few days after giving birth and discovered that my weight didn't change much.

Friends suggested for me to use, a female hormone diet, Xenical. Being the mother of a newborn requires lots of energy therefore the body also need lots of nutrition. Xenical helped them shed the extra post-pregnancy pounds while keeping the much needed energy.

 What worked for me though was a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. I removed carbohydrate rich food, like white rice and bread, from my diet. I stayed away from meat. I ate lots of vegetables, fruits and fish. A newborn just sleeps most of the time. I used the time, while my son takes his afternoon nap, to do my aerobics exercise. Sometimes I also do it while he sleeps at night. That's what worked for me.

To all pregnant mom's , use the Weight Gain Estimatorto help you have a healthy pregnancy weight.

so sweet!

23 February 2010

My son gave me this post valentine card during the Mother and Son Kab Scout Activity last Saturday.

Hot pink! He must really love me, his classmates saw him holding a pink paper!

who is your web hosting provider?

19 February 2010

I have been blogging for months already. I want to put my blogging to the next level by getting a webhost provider. Since I'm using a free blogging service, the features offered are somewhat limited. Although I am satisfied with what I'm using right now, the space will eventually ran out and I then have to put up my own site.

I basically need a web host that is reliable, affordable and has good technical support. When I searched online, the results page showed hundreds of domain web hosting providers. How will I be able to compare all the providers based on my requirements? I am so confused on what to choose. So, dear friends in the blogosphere, I am asking for your help. Can you please recommend a web budget host provider?

Who is your web host provider right now? What made you decide to choose that web host provider? Are you satisfied with their service? Is your web host reliable and affordable? What about the customer hotline and technical support, are they accommodating?

Through your reviews and ratings, I will then be able to compare the services and features offered by your suggested web hosting services. Hoping to collate the information that I need before I ran out of space with the free blogging service that I am currently using.

Thank you in advance to your recommendations.

my classmate has bodyguards


It is very common for some kids in my son's school to have bodyguards. Most bodyguards though are very discreet, they just mingle with the crowd. My son told me a few days back that somebody from his class got bullied. His mom, according to my son, talked to the School Director about the bullying incident. "Now, he has bodyguards with him Mama."

The other day, a classmate had to be confined in the hospital because of a cut on the head. Another classmate allegedly pushed him on the wall. My son attends an all-boys school, rough playing is expected. Accident or not, I am very concerned already. Bullying is very common these days. Should I also hire a bodyguard? Very expensive! Maybe I should just stay in his school the whole day then?

i'm pretty sure you need this

17 February 2010


Are you planning to open an online business soon? Or you probably have one already. Most often than not, having an online store is synonymous to headaches of updating inventory, selling out of stock items, finding true suppliers, and other manual and time consuming parts of running an ecommerce business. Am I right?

Inventory Source is the answer to your ecommerce problems. While their services  are most popular with businesses and people who are already selling online, the tools and suppliers can help anyone run ecommerce sales from a new website, their existing website, their existing blog, or even direct sales.

Most online sellers sell items from Drop Ship Suppliers. The biggest risk is the seller doesn't have the inventory and is therefore selling a product they have no access to deliver. What if the seller sells an item that the supplier has gone out of stock of? Angry customers, bad feedback, or even lawsuits are bad for business. In addition, staying on top of current pricing, new products, and discontinued products can be a full time job.

Inventory Source can be a big help in monitoring the inventory of multiple major distributors across a broad range of product categories. When the items are removed or added to the supplier inventory, those same changes take place automatically on the seller's website. 

Here is how Inventory Source works:

Create your free account today to check how the platform works.

a reminder to everyone


today is ash wednesday

What our dear old friend Wiki has to say about Ash Wednesday.

"Ash Wednesday, in the Western Christian calendar, is the first day of Lent and occurs forty-six days (forty days not counting Sundays) before Easter. It is a moveable fast, falling on a different date each year because it is dependent on the date of Easter. Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of adherents as a sign of repentance. The ashes used are typically gathered after the Palm Crosses from the previous year's Palm Sunday are burned. In the liturgical practice of some churches, the ashes are mixed with the Oil of the Catechumens (one of the sacred oils used to anoint those about to be baptized), though some churches use ordinary oil. This paste is used by the minister who presides at the service to make the sign of the cross, first upon his own forehead and then on those of congregants."

my baby is not a baby anymore *sniff*


These are the clothes that are way too small for RJ to wear. This picture was taken months ago when I cleaned up the cabinet. This week, more clothes will have to go to my nephew's cabinet.

RJ, my baby, is not a baby anymore. Time flies so fast. I can still remember the day when I heard his first cry. Now, he is almost as tall as me.

I always tell him that he will always be my baby, even when he is much more taller and bigger than me. He has one request though. "Mama, please don't call me baby when we're around other people. You can do that when we're in the house or nobody else can hear, ok."

I will try, my baby.

this sunday? really?

12 February 2010

artwork, Chinese New Year, card

February 14 is known to humankind (not sure with aliens) as the day of the hearts. This 2010 though, on Sunday, Cupid has to share the day with the Tiger. Yes people, if you still don't know, this Sunday is Chinese New Year also. 

My son, who is enrolled in a Chinese-Catholic school, had an early Chinese New Year celebration today. He gave me a card when I picked him up -- not the Valentine's card that I was expecting though. He said he will give the "other" card next week. Looking at this card gives me an impression that he likes art and drawing so much, he doesn't have the time anymore to perfect his chinese strokes. Is it just me or did anybody noticed that too.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

surprise, surprise

10 February 2010

RJ's classmate ruined his valentine's surprise for me. "RJ made something for you in school today. He made a valentine's card for you."

My son got so angry.

Will post the card here on hearts day.

Advance Happy V Day to everyone!!

caught with my own eyes!

Now I know why it's half full already!

Right from my hand even!

Me and my son, we both love almonds! We can definitely finish a whole pack in one sitting. But I don't do that, I use it for dieting. I eat 5 almond nuts (plus 5 and another 5...) when I am hungry in the middle of the day. Hope it last until the end of the week. Have to buy more next time I visit the grocery store.

Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund

07 February 2010

Cord blood, which is usually discarded following delivery, is blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta at the time of birth. It is rich in stem cells, which are special cells normally found in our bone marrow. Stem cells are the master cells which forms the white cells that fight infection, the red cells that carry oxygen, the platelets that promote clotting and the cells of our immune systems.

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have already been used for such wide-ranging diseases and conditions as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia, sickle cell disease, severe anemia's and severe combined immunodeficiency. And experimentation for expanded uses of stem cells holds great promise. There's an ongoing research for a number of potential medical miracles for the treatment of cardiac and neurological diseases, to name a few.

Cells taken from your newborn are a perfect match for your baby for his or her lifetime. For example, in the event your child contracts a disease, which must be treated with chemotherapy or radiation, there is a probability of a negative impact on the immune system. While an autologous (self) transplant may not be appropriate for every disease, there could be a benefit in using the preserved stem cells to bolster and repopulate your child’s blood and immune system as a result of complications from other treatments.

Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank has helped over 200,000 families worldwide preserve their newborn's umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases since 1992. Along with cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank is pioneering the way in research, to find more solutions to preserve stem cells in a noncontroversial way.

January of this year, we all witnessed the terrible news about the earthquake that devastated Haiti Throughout February, Cryo-Cell will donate $25 from each enrollment to the “Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund”. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve your baby's cord blood and also lend a hand in helping rebuild the future for the children of Haiti. All you have to do is enroll now!

corn and spinach soup


My son is not a big fan of vegetables. His favorite word everytime a veggie touches his tongue is...yuccckkk!

I have tried tricks to make him eat veggies and the most effective one so far is looking mad everytime he says yuccckkk.

Was very happy last week when he ate the corn and spinach soup that I made without uttering and muttering his favorite word.

Here is the recipe, won't make it too complicated.


ground pork (just enough to add flavor)
corn (removed from the cob)
spinach leaves
minced garlic
diced onions
sliced tomatoes
fish sauce
salt and pepper to taste

1. Saute, onions, garlic and tomatoes.
2. Add ground pork, brown.
3. Add corn and fish sauce
4. Add water, boil. Better if corn softens up and make the soup thicken a bit.
5. Add spinach.
6. Don't forget salt and pepper!

Bon Appetit!

vacation galore at the Hilton in Branson, Missouri

03 February 2010

A few more months from now, my son is turning 9. What better way to celebrate his birthday by spending his special day at the Hilton in Branson, Missouri. The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing offers a lot of exciting and fun packages whether one is traveling on vacation or just getting away for a long weekend.

Since my son loves to swim, we can spend a few hours in the pool area. The indoor pool is complete with hot tub and there is also an outdoor pool. My son can perfect his swim stokes in the pool while I on the other hand can catch up on my reading. What a perfect way to relax before touring the new Branson Landing retail and entertainment district situated on Lake Taneycomo. A must visit also is the Payne Stewart Golf Course. Only 3 miles from the hotel, my son can perfect his golf swing and enjoy the view of an 18 holes of golf while walking in the footsteps of the great Payne Stewart.

The perfect way to relax after a long day at the Convention Center or after touring many of Branson, Missouri's attractions is a delectable dining experience at Trofi restaurant. The restaurant offers Mediterranean style cuisine and a view of Branson Landing.

After a tiring but fun day, a great night's sleep on Hilton's Serenity® Bed package sounds relaxing. Room amenities include spacious workstations with granite counter tops and ergonomic desk chairs, 32-inch LCD flat panel televisions, the Hilton clock radio with MP3 adapter, two dual-line phones, wired and wireless high-speed Internet access and much more.

Branson has ongoing events for everyone’s entertainment like the exciting fourth annual professional ice sculpting competition, Master’s Trout Championship, the Tri-Lakes Building and Home Show, live entertainment, theaters and much more. Both hotels are within easy driving distance of Branson’s championship golf courses, lakes, museums, theme parks and 49 live entertainment theaters.

Would definitely spend my son's 9th birthday at the Hilton in Branson, Missouri.

inspirational quotes for kids

No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers.

I always tell my son that making mistakes is part of life. It turns bad when you don't learn from your mistakes. It's even more bad if you keep on repeating your mistakes.

source: inpirational quotes

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