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26 September 2009


sorry for the messy layout right now. i am trying to change it to a more clean layout, but obviously since i have basically nil knowledge on html, please bear with me.

if you have any suggestions, how-to's, etc please don't hesitate to leave a comment. It will be well appreciated.

i made my son cry (almost!)

22 September 2009

As I have said on my previous posts, my son is a very picky eater. With the desire to play with his classmates right away during lunch break (instead of putting food in his stomach), he doesn't finish his lunch most of the time. Early morning of each day, while preparing his lunch food, I can't help but think that I am pretty sure I will again find his lunch container still half-full when I pick him up in school later during the day.

Today, I wrote him a note on a piece of paper. I taped it on his lunch container.

When I picked him up, he said: "Thank you for your note, Mama. I'm sorry I didn't finish my lunch. I almost cried when I read your note".

He was so touched with my note, it made him cry (almost!). Last time I made him a note for lunch was when he was still in preschool. Technically it was not a lunchnote, it was a recess note because he only stays for 3 hours in school at that time. I guess this is my first ever lunchnote for him then.

When I checked his lunch container, I was so happy that he almost finished his food. One more bite would have been enough to finish it.

Oh well, that is better than finding it still half-full right?

another one?

17 September 2009


Another swimming competition to go to this Saturday. I hope there's a Wi-fi connection at the swim venue. That's my son, butterfly event, from two weeks' ago's competition.

How to monitor your employees


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nothing can stop us from winning

12 September 2009

My son's team is getting ready for another swimming competition. Regular training is usually for less than 2 hours but they train for more than 2 hours whenever they are getting ready for a competition. Not even a storm can stop them from training.

free swim training

10 September 2009

The swim varsity try-outs at my sons' school was two months ago. Non-varsity as well as varsity members from the previous school year were required to join the yearly try-outs. Only 40 slots are open every year to 4 - 18 year old boys.

Today, I got a letter from the School Director. My son was able to get a slot in the schools' swim team. Yipee!
I am so glad! I am so proud of my son. We don't have to pay P13,000/year ($270) + P500/competition ($10.50) for him to join the schools' swim club. Members of the school varsity are entitled to FREE everything (from training to competition fees). Members of the schools' swim club needs to pay for everything. Not to mention that if one wants to get the monthly payment option, it's triple the price!

That will save us P 25,000 -P 40,000 ($520 - $800) club membership fee for this year. What can I buy with that amount? Should I buy more shares in the stock market or just splurge it on shoes and clothes?

I'll just imagine a new fur coat (with that amount? maybe a non-designer-fur coat).

"Yeah right", you say, "humid weather in Manila remember?"

I did say "I'll just imagine" right?

twitter update

09 September 2009

trying to find my way around twitter.
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Nanny Trouble

08 September 2009

Every single day after school, except on weekends of course, I wait for my son finish his Chinese tutorial before accompanying him to his swim training. I am the only parent there waiting, most of the kids either have their yaya (nanny) or driver waiting for them. Some just wait for their parents to pick them up.

A girl, my son's age, accidentally wee-wee while getting her things in the waiting area today. How did I know? Because I saw the yaya's (and the driver's) crowding around her, asking simultaneously, "Why are you wet, did you pee?" "Where's your yaya, you don't have one?" "Go to the bathroom and change". As much as I want to help the child, I don't want to embarrass her more by joining the yaya's around her. I just called the tutor to help her out.

I can't help but overhear the yaya's beside me talking to each other.

Yaya1: "Kenkoy (not real name) pee accidentally while sleeping when he was still in preschool. You know what I did so he'll get scared and not do it again?"

Yaya2: "What did you do?"

Yaya1: "I got mad at him. I removed the bedsheet and wiped it on his face. It worked, he never pee again on the bed"

I was so shocked and angry at the same time. I am very sure the parents know what the yaya did. That yaya has been with them from the time the child was born until now that he is in 3rd grade.

This is the reason why I decided to be a SAHM and not get a yaya. If only I can find somebody like Nanny Fine.

Can you share experiences you've had with your child's caregiver?

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the right infant formula for your child

05 September 2009


I breastfed my son for more than a year knowing that breast milk is the best source of nutrients for him. In the United States, the federal government encourages mothers to breasfeed to also save money. As much as I want to exclusively give breast milk to my son, I had to partially formula fed him due to "inadequate" supply of milk on some days. It was mind-boggling for me to choose which infant formula is the best for my son. I wanted to purchase the best baby formula available in the market. I compared the ingredients and the nutritional values of all the infant formulas on store shelves. In the end though I chose to buy the most expensive baby formula, thinking (and hoping) that it is almost at par with breast milk.

I just recently found out that all baby and instant formula are subjected to meet the same nutritional requirements as stipulated by the Infant Formula Act. My decision then was a mistake, I could have just bought a store brand instant formula since the quality and safety of the manufacturing are also inspected in the same way by the FDA.

Parents can find at Parents Choice's website a baby formula savings calculator wherein one can compare the prices of different milk formula brands. Do visit the Parents Choice website to learn more about choosing the right instant formula for your child.

my son is snoring already

I guess I had too much coffee tonight. I still can't sleep, my son is sound asleep already hours ago. I should just watch the news then.

long weekend again in the Philippines

The President declared September 7 a day of national mourning for the Executive Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo. We might go out of town this weekend, to the beach maybe, because my son easily gets bored after a few hours of staying in the house.

I like travelling and discovering new places. There are lots of ways to travel to and from Manila. But since we are just planning to go to a beach near the city, we'll just take the car. We want to relax when travelling (who doesn't, right?) so we'll just hire a driver.

What about you, any plans this weekend?

the school bus is here!

02 September 2009


My son needs to wake up at 515am during school days. He always complains that he is still too sleepy to wake up. Although his school is just 15 minutes away from our place and classes starts at 730am, school bus still requires to pick him up at 6am. It's because they need to pick up other kids on the way to school. I prefer to let him go to school in a school bus because it has a nanny that can help carry his things and bring him inside the school already.

Oh well, maybe next year we can just get a driver. I don't want to drive here in Manila.

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