fight his own battles?

21 February 2011

It's very important for kids to learn how to fight their own battles. Dealing with their own little problems will help them become stronger emotionally and physically.

But I am one protective Mama. As much as I want to ignore it, I can't help defending my son RJ whenever I see him getting bullied. But no matter how the school tries to make these little bullies good, if they have tons of practice being a brat in their own home---they will forever be bullies.

As for letting my son learn how to fight his own battles, I think I should just close my eyes and cover my ears whenever he's with other kids. He can defend himself when I'm not around. I should let him do that too when I'm around instead of being as fast as a tornado in bullying the bully.


Or should I just homeschool my son so he doesn't have to get acquainted with bullies?


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