Recollection Day

25 August 2012

My son will be having his first recollection next week. The school’s campus ministry has come up with a wonderful surprise for the kids. They asked the parents to write a heart warming letter for their sons. We can also ask relatives, friends and even yayas and drivers to write a letter as well.


Everyone in the family wrote a letter for RJ. My niece, his cousin even sent a lovely drawing. I hope RJ will have a meaningful recollection (made even more meaningful by the letters from family).

no classes for a week

10 August 2012

RJ is very happy. His school has already suspended classes until friday to give way to the relief operations that the school has organized. Some parts of the city where his  school is located has been flooded for days already.


Students will have a lot of catching up to do once classes resume. Although RJ is happy that he'll be exam-free and assignment-free for a whole week, he miss his guitar lessons so much. He chose guitar lessons, instead of piano,  ukulele or drums, for last summer break's activity. His teacher said that he's really good and he can grasp the lesson right away. So he chose guitar lessons for this school year's extra curricular activities. He's always excited to learn new lessons every week.

I wish it would stop raining. These cancellation of classes is causing me a lot of stress just thinking of more lessons for me to tutor RJ in the coming weeks.

Hazing for Brotherhood

04 August 2012

I always try to be a good girl. Especially when I was still little, I obey everything that my mom said. Just the though of getting a slight pinch from my mom when I misbehave makes me want to cringe.

So it never entered my mind to join a sorority when I was in UP. I joined an academic organization after making sure that they don't do physical harm to applicants during the "initiation right".  Physical harm to the point of dying is just plain stup!d.

I was watching the late news yesterday and I saw the pictures of Marc Andrei Marcos, the San Beda first year law student who died because of hazing, while he was fighting for his life in the hospital. His right upper arm was reddish purple. It was very obvious that it was repeatedly hit by a hard object.

The people who did that to him are either crazy, high on something or direct descendants of the devil himself! No conscience at all!

I hope the family won't stop until everyone in that organization are locked up in jail! It's about time that these kids learn that taking someone's life for fun is not something normal and should be punished.  Our government officials should do something about this also since a lot of lives have been sacrificed already. When will they act, when their own kids or grandkids die in the hands of their would-be "brothers"?

Harry Potter Book Report

A book report is a school requirement that my son has to do every quarter of each school year. He's scheduled to present his first quarter book report this year on Monday.

As much as I want to do everything for him, I try not to because we will both suffer later on if he keeps relying on me. He's already 11 so I let him do his assignments and reports, by himself, and I check and make suggestions for improvement if there's any. We had a hard time with his Social Studies news report last month because he wanted me to do it for him. But we survived.

So for this English book report, I was already preparing for the worst. But he didn't complain this time. He did the report, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, by himself and memorized it in a few minutes. He even thought of props that he'll use, his computer glasses that has a rim like Harry's glasses and a wand that he, and his friend Nathan, made.

English is one of his favorite subjects and he read the 7 Harry Potter books in less than a month. That might have contributed to him finding the book report task easy-peasy.

How to Eat Mangoes, RJ's Way

03 August 2012

My son's favorite fruit is mango. He likes it sour and almost ripe. There was a time when he want his mangoes thinly sliced with sugar and vinegar. Yes, sour mangoes made even more sour with vinegar, that's how he likes it then. But he doesn't like that anymore. He now like his mangoes with sugar and, instead of vinegar, salt.


I like eating unripe mangoes too. When I was still little, I also like the taste of mangoes mixed with sugar and salt just like RJ. But now, as much as I want to eat, my teeth are sensitive to sour fruits. Whenever I eat mangoes, I usually can't eat well after that.

Hmm, maybe I should eat mangoes everyday. It might help me loose the excess pounds that I'm trying to shed.

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