the cheapest electric bill

21 February 2011

My son's lesson last week in science class was about electricity. The teacher asked the kids to bring their latest electric bill. Our electric bill was the cheapest. We only pay less than 2000 pesos each month. Very cheap right?

The classmate who has the most expensive monthly bill pays 30,000 pesos, or more, every month.

meralco bill

I wonder how big their house is. Even if their house is as big as the white house or as fabulous as the most fabulous castle in the world, I'm not envious at all. It's hard for me to make our one bedroom house spick and span, I'm not too keen on hiring a maid, what more if we live in a much bigger house?

I'm more than happy to be labeled as the family with the cheapest electric bill.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Hooray to you sis. You know how to use energy wisely. You know my bills are the cheapest also. I don't pay over 2K also. So cool right? :)

Sherry said...

how much in USD sis?

thanks for come by my moms best.

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