unwelcome stress!

25 February 2011

I wake up early during school days to prepare everything that RJ needs for school. When I'm done preparing his breakfast and food for lunch, I then wake up my son so he can eat his breakfast.

As I was helping him eat his breakfast this morning, my phone rings. "Ma'am, there's a problem with the school bus. We can't bring RJ to school. We already called the other kids and their parents will bring them to school", the bus mother (yaya) said.I got stressed and angry. The fee that I pay them is very expensive. I specifically asked the owner what they do in case school bus is in maintenance or has a problem. The owner assured me they have a back-up car.

I wasn't expecting OUR car as their back-up car! 


And besides, they ask for full payment every month. Even during school breaks like months of June, November, December and March. The least that they can do is give good service. "RJ can't be absent today. He has quizzes and the quarterly test is only a week away. No one can bring RJ to school also. Call your boss and tell her she needs to solve this problem."

The owner allowed them to use their car to pick up RJ. They should have not called me, they should have solved it themselves without requiring the parents to solve their problem for them. I need to stop eating food with lots of carbs.


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