should now plan for summer activities

25 February 2011

RJ's summer break will officially start three weeks from now. I have to start looking for summer activities that he can enroll in. Summer last year was extremely hot so I decided to not enroll him in any sports activities. Hopefully, the summer weather this year is not as hot as last year.
art class

He did enroll in drawing/painting class at Museo Pambata but I think it was a waste of money. He was with the 6-9 age group and the lesson for that group was very basic. Imagine what preschool art is -that's what they did. It was easy peasy for RJ, altough he was just 8 years old at that time, he's always first to finish.

I'm planning to enroll him in art class again. Hopefully I'll find a class that will teach him more advanced painting and more complex lessons. I don't want another very expensive art class where he won't learn anything at all.

Swimming, soccer and basketball are on the list as well.


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