Sandy's pizza

21 February 2011

I have seen a number of good reviews, online and in print, about Sandy's pizza. One of their branch is located near my son's school. Out of curiousity, I had a pizza delivered on the eve of my birthday last year. The moment I opened the box, I knew that's the last Sandy's pizza I will ever buy.

Sandy's pizza

pizza toppings

The toppings were so few! There's not enough toppings for me to decide whether the pizza tastes good or bad. If you need appetite suppressants, go ahead and dial their delivery numbers. Just looking at the pizza will surely suppress your appetite.


Chew On This said...

hi sis, honestly, the photo makes the pizza look good heheh! I think we all have our own liking when it comes to pizza. I don't really go for the amount of toppings on the pizza but I go for the taste. I am a fan of Shakeys' even though their pizza contain so little. Even the Dear Darla of Yellow Cab, the toppings were so few but it really really was soooo good. (heheh! medyo naglalaway na naman ako). Greenwich on the other hand, has so many toppings (as their Overload panata tells us), but it doesn't quite get my love for pizzas :)

And you will definitely be disappointed with real italian pizzas (heheh! I saw it in food channels) their toppings, even the sauce is so darn negligible. Parang cracker na lang siya LOL!

Oh alam ko na bagay sa taste mo :) Chicago style. Yummy! sobrang oozing with toppings. Like those of Sbarro :)

Oops super haba na. Comment lang pala to LOL!

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