surprise, surprise

10 February 2010

RJ's classmate ruined his valentine's surprise for me. "RJ made something for you in school today. He made a valentine's card for you."

My son got so angry.

Will post the card here on hearts day.

Advance Happy V Day to everyone!!


nicquee said...

Your son is so sweet and his classmate is very annoying! bakit ba may mga ganyang bata? x(

Cecile said...

i can't wait to see his gift for you; he is so sweet. grabe naman yung bata na yun eh!

Yani said...

hahaha! :) spoiled his surprise for mommy! what a sweetie! :D

Golden said...

So sweet.. You're lucky to have a son like him.. :)

Lots of love,

Tetcha said...

Aww! That's so sweet! Thanks for the visit.

Mama Ko said...

What a sweet lil kid.

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello:D advance happy valentines day to you and to your loved ones!!!!

check out my new post:

Be happy:D

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