another competition, why??

28 February 2010

As a member of his school's swim team, my son already has responsibilities. He needs to attend swim training everyday for 2 hours. The other day though, he doesn't want to train. But I told him he needs to. First of all, because of swimming everyday, his asthma attacks were nil this year. I want to believe that swimming made his body stronger thus leading to no attacks this year. I told him he has to train for his health.

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Last weekend, he had another competition and he did pretty well. What do I tell him everytime he doesn't want to swim or join competitions? I encourage him and tell him that what's important is for him to have fun. Doen't matter if he brings home a medal, ribbon or nothing.


Nanaybelen said...

Congrats , you've adorable son. I'm sure he's talented.Ang ibang bata ayaw sumunod sa ina at nakakadisapoint.

Liza said...

It's nice that your son is into sports, I can't get my son into any sports. :(

Maybe you should stress out that he's into it because of his health and that's what really matters. Medals and trophies are not really important, you're correct to tell him that he should have fun. Try to find out how he can have fun during practice.

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♥Willa♥ said...

Swimming is one of the best form of exercise,since he is asthmatic, swimming is definitely good for his lung to make it stronger.

Blessed mum said...

HI thanks for dropping by my blog.

I believe too that swimming or any form of exercise helps to reduce the asthma attack. My SIL is a proven case.

Agree with you..Medal or not, its not important. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

simply kim said...

you are so right! he may not realize it now, but he will get to appreciate it later..

chubskulit said...

Korek ka dyan Manay, having fun is the most important part of it!

Yani said...

hey! i have an award for you! come pick it up

much love!♥

Mama Ko said...

Very athletic and smart anak mommy.

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