after school, what does your child do?

25 February 2010

iPod, HSM, favorites

He is into High School Musical songs these days. We don't have cable television and we usually arrive in the house at around 7pm already. So, after dinner he just turn on the iPod and listen to HSM songs. Well, some days The Beatles songs.

Yes, his other fave is The Beatles.


Cecile said...

my son eats snack while watching Nick Jr :-)

Sam said...

my babies don't go to school yet..

i have something for you here

Cens World said...

well, every one have our own preference on music. the important thing is that he is enjoying :)

Just dropping by

Ane said...

Lucas and I make it a point to watch our fave cartoons over lunch and then he plays a little with his dinosaurs while I work and then we take a nap in the afternoon, that has been our routine ever since he started going to school. :)

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