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19 February 2010

I have been blogging for months already. I want to put my blogging to the next level by getting a webhost provider. Since I'm using a free blogging service, the features offered are somewhat limited. Although I am satisfied with what I'm using right now, the space will eventually ran out and I then have to put up my own site.

I basically need a web host that is reliable, affordable and has good technical support. When I searched online, the results page showed hundreds of domain web hosting providers. How will I be able to compare all the providers based on my requirements? I am so confused on what to choose. So, dear friends in the blogosphere, I am asking for your help. Can you please recommend a web budget host provider?

Who is your web host provider right now? What made you decide to choose that web host provider? Are you satisfied with their service? Is your web host reliable and affordable? What about the customer hotline and technical support, are they accommodating?

Through your reviews and ratings, I will then be able to compare the services and features offered by your suggested web hosting services. Hoping to collate the information that I need before I ran out of space with the free blogging service that I am currently using.

Thank you in advance to your recommendations.


Golden said...

We're in the same situation sis. I just asked sis utotmopink. She said it's far better if we let blogspot host our own domain because blogspot is more stable compared to other companies. I stil don't know how to though.

Lots of love,

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello just dropping by.... have a great week.... my dad is coming back home.... care to view my recent post?

Cens World said...

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Paula said...

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Paula said...

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Gene said...

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Milton said...

There are lots of free web hosting companies out there that offer you to host your website in their servers free of cost. But most of them will have very low bandwidth and the downtime of these servers will be very high. What you need is an affordable web hosting company that has very good bandwidth, high up-time and offers you many other features.

kanna84 said...

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Scraps said...

Just passing by via the SITS comments list.

I've used Dreamhost for 7 years (as of tomorrow) to host several sites and have always gotten great tech support the few times I've needed it. I've only had maybe 2 outages in those 7 years which seems pretty good to me, the price is hard to beat for the massive storage and bandwidth you get in return and the 1-click installs/1-click updates to many common programs make things so easy to manage.

Kudos on wanting to host your own site and good luck!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving some blog love!


hope said...

I have the same delimma. Im considering to have my own site, but im afraid of the cost.

surreal princess said...

Dropping by :) I'm offering a shared hosting service. Let me know if you're interested.


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