i refuse to have wrinkles!

25 February 2010

My son had a very happy Christmas break last December. Imagine, three weeks of not doing any homework! Unlike him though, I basically had a stressful holiday. "I promise I will stop playing the videogame when you tell me to stop." As expected, we always argue everytime I tell him to turn it off.

I was very horrified one day when I discovered a line between my eyebrows! Yes, I am afraid of lines on my face! I don't like wrinkles! Who wants one anyway?

I right away doubled the amount of the skin care products I put on my face, particularly moisturizer and eyecream.

Would you believe it disappeared after a few days? Yes it did.

I believe it is because of the INGREDIENTS and the SCIENCE behind skin care products nowadays that makes these products more effective in combating aging. More and more key ingredients are being discovered which work better than the ingredient's in the skin care products our mom's were using years ago.

Clinical trials revealed that Matrixyl temporarily produced a highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles. In fact, researchers documented changes as high as 68% .
The research left no doubt: Women who had used Matrixyl throughout the study experienced dramatic results. Further, it was proven that the longer they maintained use of Matrixyl, the more dramatic their results.

Another one is RENOVAGE. It helps maintain telomere length, and thus the lifespan of cells, by promoting the skin's natural protection and repair factors involved in anti-stress, detoxification, and telomere maintenance and DNA repair. Aging begins at the cellular level within the DNA. Telomeres, part of the DNA structure, grow shorter as cells replicate, and as they shorten, cells begin to enter a senescence state. By increasing the lifespan of the cell, cell function is enhanced, tissue quality is improved and the skin's youthspan is extended, reducing all visible signs of aging- not just wrinkles!

I am so glad we have scientists who continually research ways to improve our life. And I am so glad the wrinkle between my eyebrows hasn't resurfaced.

What about you, do you refuse to have wrinkles?


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