how to lose unwanted weight after pregnancy

25 February 2010

I never thought I will ever see myself fat since I was stick thin my whole teenage years. I gained so much weight while I was pregnant with my son. But since I want my son to get all his needed nutrients while inside the womb, I didn't think of myself that time. I gobbled all the milk, food and vitamins my Obstetrician prescribed to me. I was getting heavier yet I was happily convincing myself that it was just the growing baby inside my tummy. Imagine my mixed feelings of horror and disappoinment when I stepped on the scale a few days after giving birth and discovered that my weight didn't change much.

Friends suggested for me to use, a female hormone diet, Xenical. Being the mother of a newborn requires lots of energy therefore the body also need lots of nutrition. Xenical helped them shed the extra post-pregnancy pounds while keeping the much needed energy.

 What worked for me though was a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. I removed carbohydrate rich food, like white rice and bread, from my diet. I stayed away from meat. I ate lots of vegetables, fruits and fish. A newborn just sleeps most of the time. I used the time, while my son takes his afternoon nap, to do my aerobics exercise. Sometimes I also do it while he sleeps at night. That's what worked for me.

To all pregnant mom's , use the Weight Gain Estimatorto help you have a healthy pregnancy weight.


nicquee said...

Thanks for sharing the Weight Gain Estimator. :)

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