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17 February 2010

Are you planning to open an online business soon? Or you probably have one already. Most often than not, having an online store is synonymous to headaches of updating inventory, selling out of stock items, finding true suppliers, and other manual and time consuming parts of running an ecommerce business. Am I right?

Inventory Source is the answer to your ecommerce problems. While their services  are most popular with businesses and people who are already selling online, the tools and suppliers can help anyone run ecommerce sales from a new website, their existing website, their existing blog, or even direct sales.

Most online sellers sell items from Drop Ship Suppliers. The biggest risk is the seller doesn't have the inventory and is therefore selling a product they have no access to deliver. What if the seller sells an item that the supplier has gone out of stock of? Angry customers, bad feedback, or even lawsuits are bad for business. In addition, staying on top of current pricing, new products, and discontinued products can be a full time job.

Inventory Source can be a big help in monitoring the inventory of multiple major distributors across a broad range of product categories. When the items are removed or added to the supplier inventory, those same changes take place automatically on the seller's website. 

Here is how Inventory Source works:

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