corn and spinach soup

07 February 2010

My son is not a big fan of vegetables. His favorite word everytime a veggie touches his tongue is...yuccckkk!

I have tried tricks to make him eat veggies and the most effective one so far is looking mad everytime he says yuccckkk.

Was very happy last week when he ate the corn and spinach soup that I made without uttering and muttering his favorite word.

Here is the recipe, won't make it too complicated.


ground pork (just enough to add flavor)
corn (removed from the cob)
spinach leaves
minced garlic
diced onions
sliced tomatoes
fish sauce
salt and pepper to taste

1. Saute, onions, garlic and tomatoes.
2. Add ground pork, brown.
3. Add corn and fish sauce
4. Add water, boil. Better if corn softens up and make the soup thicken a bit.
5. Add spinach.
6. Don't forget salt and pepper!

Bon Appetit!


teJan said...

wahehehhe,,,children almost like that but you are smart mommy..hehe thanks for sharing!

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