do you love to sing?

28 February 2010

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My son's other favorite pastime, next to playing videogames, is singing. Isn't it obvious on the picture? After dinner every night the next thing he does is turn on his MP3 player. He loves listening to his favorite songs. It doesn't fail to put a smile on my face when I hear him singing his heart out.

I have already noticed when he was just a toddler than he can carry a tune. Most people can't even sing a simple do-re-mi. Yet, him at one year old, can sing Barney's I Love You song without a note off.

I even enrolled him in a singing class when he was 2 years old, paid for the enrollment fee in full, but he didn't finish it. Not because he's not interested in singing anymore. He was with bigger kids at first and he enjoyed it so much. When the teacher transferred him in a class with kids his own age, he doesn't want to participate anymore. Funny but true.

There's still lots of space in his MP3 player. I don't have time at the moment to add new songs in his MP3 list. I always make it a point to look for age appropriate songs on virus-free MP3 Search Engine. When I do find the time, I will also clean up the list and remove the songs that we both don't like listening to.


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