my classmate has bodyguards

19 February 2010

It is very common for some kids in my son's school to have bodyguards. Most bodyguards though are very discreet, they just mingle with the crowd. My son told me a few days back that somebody from his class got bullied. His mom, according to my son, talked to the School Director about the bullying incident. "Now, he has bodyguards with him Mama."

The other day, a classmate had to be confined in the hospital because of a cut on the head. Another classmate allegedly pushed him on the wall. My son attends an all-boys school, rough playing is expected. Accident or not, I am very concerned already. Bullying is very common these days. Should I also hire a bodyguard? Very expensive! Maybe I should just stay in his school the whole day then?


Mrs. Kolca said...

bodyguards? as in sis?! asang school ba yan? baket parang puro mga hari ang ka-klase ng son mo? hehehe.. naku, paturuan mo nalang ng self-defense ang anak mo.. dapat lage syang aware sa mga tulak at suntok.. mabilis dapat sumalag.. ^^

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