should i give up?

21 September 2011

I put a lot of effort in preparing healthy meals for RJ. I usually spend hours in the supermarket, choosing the ingredients that doesn't have much or any preservative, for the week's menu.


For a person who doesn't like to cook, yup that's me, I am becoming exasperated with his picky eating. One minute I'm jumping with joy because he likes what I cooked, then when I cook it again he says he doesn't like it because it's yuck! It doesn't matter if I cook it again a few days after, the second or third try is always yuck for him.


picky eater


Should I just give up and give in to what he wants? Bacon, ham, eggs and other processed food every single meal everyday?


march on... said...

please don't give up, he is getting there. he just needs more time. there are so many recipes online that are healthy and yummy for kids. chicken roll (cheese stick wrapped in chicken fillet) is always a big hit with my toddlers. try all breaded dory fillet, this fish has a very subtle taste and he might like it. Good luck mommy :)

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