How to choose the right golf club

17 September 2011

My son loves spending time with his dad in the golf driving range. My bonding time with my son is a weekly movie date and a few hours on the driving range is his bonding time with his dad.

He needs new set of clubs though. His junior golf clubs are now too short for him because his dad bought those when he was only 3 years old. He's now 10 and need clubs that are more appropriate for his height. A golfer usually carry 14 golf clubs but since RJ is not a seasoned golfer yet, he only needs a half club set.

The most expensive golf club is not necessarily the best golf club. Before we decide on what golf clubs to buy, the first step that we did was to compare the different brands in the market by searching for online reviews.

golf swing

But what's best for one person doesn't mean that it's also the best brand for another. The next step to do is have RJ try out the top golf clubs based on the online reviews.

Here's a list of important things that needs to be checked when buying golf clubs.

Length - RJ's old golf clubs are already too short for him. A good length should allow a normal swing at the ball.

Weight - A club should be light enough to take it in the right position at the top of the swing.

Shaft Flex - Choose clubs that have nice, flexible shafts. It will give more height on the shots.

Grip size - If the grip is comfortable and it doesn't feel like one is holding a baseball bat, then it's the right grip size.

Hopefully we'll be able to find a new set of clubs, callaway golf clubs perhaps, for RJ soon. He doesn't want to borrow his dad's golf clubs since it's still a bit long for him.

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