samoyed puppy

21 September 2011

I'm currently reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. I agree with most of her parenting style, partly because the "western" method of parenting doesn't work with my son. I'm not done with the book yet so I can't really rave or give a thumbs down rating yet.

samoyed puppy

I'm actually on the chapter about their dog. They have a Samoyed dog which is said to be a very intelligent dog and doesn't smell like one! My son has been begging for a pet dog. But because he's asthmatic, I'm hesitant to buy a pet dog for him. I have to find out if Samoyed dogs shed a lot of fur because it's not just the smell that can trigger asthma.

Is there a one stop shop to buy dog things? As early as now, I want to know if there's a place I can run to when I encounter dog problems, in case I buy one for RJ.


simply kim said...

what a cute little doggie! left you some love, hope i get one back, thanks!

a visit from Earth!

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