tips from a picky eater's mom

18 November 2010

When will he like food and really like it forever? My son is a very picky eater. I spend hours planning our weekly menu before heading to the grocery store. I don't mind eating nothing but white meat, fruits and vegetables. But that's not possible, I can't have just that because there's a picky eater in the house -my son RJ. A few weeks ago, he's so into chicken nuggets (again!). So I stuffed the fridge with chicken nuggets. After a few meals of "I like chicken nuggets very much", it's now on his list of "I hate this food".

chicken nuggets
When will I ever learn. I feel like I've won in a lottery everytime I hear him say, "This is yummy, Mama!" A few days after, I have to look for weight loss supplements because I end up eating the "yummy food" that I-thought-he-will-like-forever-so-I-bought-a-months-supply.

From now on, I'm putting my foot down. I will only prepare healthy food whether it's yummy for him or not. It's better for us to eat fresh, healthy food than stuff our body with yummy but dangerous-to-our-health food.


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