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27 November 2010

I don't want to drive, due to too many reckless drivers, on the streets of Manila. I have no idea how I was able to finish the driving lessons I enrolled in a few years back. My son has to go to school on a school service, because of my unwillingness to drive on the dangerous streets of Manila, since 4 years ago.

I am not happy though with the buses accredited by the school. We have transferred from one bus service to another for the past 4 years. And I am running out of choices.
walk to school
This whole week the bus's aircon wasn't working. The owner has decided to just have the bus fixed during the weekend. She didn't even bother to look for a replacement bus. One time the bus just stopped on the middle of the road. The bus company doesn't have people who's in charge of giving roadside assistance to buses who will encounter problems while on the road.

If this keeps up, I might decide to buy a school bus. I have been thinking about it for months already. I will definitely buy a new one. And yes, I will drive these irresponsible people out of business. I'm sure I'll give a better service in giving the kids a comfortable ride to and from their houses.


simply kim said...

you are right about the reckless drivers. i hate them. i think i'm going to have a nervous breakdown because of them one of these days, lol!

Mauie said...

My boy's school is two cities away from our place and I thought of starting a carpool with the other kids from his school living in our area. Then again, I changed my mind with the rising cost of gas and car maintenance services.

jared's mum said...

hiring a school bus to fetch your little one to + from school really sounds like the best option. a lot of parents are opting for this that it has somehow evolved into a lucrative business....

Ane said...

My goodness! You and I share the same plight, I am terrified to drive, and drivers are supposedly nicer here in Baguio! But the slopes are what scares me!

That has happened to my daughter's school service too, so I am really compelled to learn to drive and just drive both of my kids to and from school. Imagine, my daughter's classes doesn't start until 7:30am but she leaves the house at 6:15am and then she gets our at 4pm but she gets home ariund 6:30pm.. :( Plus, it's really expensive!

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