oops, i did it again

27 November 2010

I again allowed myself to drink something unhealthy. I'm not sure if diet pills will work with this one. It has lots of sugar you see.

My son had an early dismissal from school today. I was a bit early in picking him up so I decided to stay in the school canteen first. It's a very hot day so I got tempted in buying a straight-from-the-freezer Black Gulaman drink.

I only realized that I drank something not good for me when I already emptied the bottle. And when a friend, another mommy whose also picking up her son, looked at the bottle and back at me as if I murdered somebody. I have been complaining to her about my can't-fit-in-a-little-black-dress body for months already. Why didn't I think of throwing the empty bottle in the trash before she saw me?!

Oh well! Next time I will make sure not to drink anything unhealthy, even if I die of thirst! And if I can't control myself, I'm only human, I will throw the evidence right away.


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