The results are in! Drum roll please...

09 November 2010

The week before semestral break was RJ's 2nd quarter exam week. And today, first day of school after school break, the test results were given.

My eyes darted straight to his Chinese test result. I would have jumped with joy, he got 82 out of 90, but was shocked when I saw what he got in Reading and Language.

He always ace the tests in all subjects except Chinese. He's good in Chinese oral tests. But during written exams, his handwriting always pulls down his grade. He always writes fast and doesn't care if his handwriting is not understandable.

So imagine my happiness going poof! when I saw what he got in Reading and Language. It's still passing but not like what he usually gets. He didn't read the instructions properly. He just scanned it and proceeded to answer the test paper. 


Last time he wasn't able to answer one page in social studies, so he had 10 unanswered numbers in the test! He said two pages got stuck together and he only saw it when he time was up already. 

He did learn from last quarter's mistake. I hope he'll read the instructions carefully next time. I can't wait to see his report card.  


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