17 November 2010

My Dad is an Ilocano. But not everyone, namely mom, me and my sisters, can speak and understand the Ilocano dialect. I and my sisters grew up in my mom's hometown in the Bicol region. The region is famous for its spicy delicacies, the almost-perfect coned Mayon Volcano, the gentle giant Butandings of Sorsogon and handmade crafts (not perishable and can be used if cramming for last minute wedding gift ideas).

I've been to Ilocos Region during a school fieldtrip but I have yet to meet relatives on my Dad's side of the family. January of this coming new year, our family will go to Ilocos. Hopefully after that trip, I'll know more about my Dad's Ilocandia as much as I know about my Mom's Bicolandia.

It's about time I touch base with my Dad's side of the family. I will also try to learn the local dialect before the end of the year.


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