can i go online?

22 November 2010

That's how my son greets me when I pick him up in school. "Not unless you're done with homework. And you can only play for an hour." But most of the time, he only gets to go online on weekends. It's never a Cyber Monday, tuesday or even friday for him since he has lots of after-school work during school days.

going online

I don't want him to get addicted with online games this early ever. So I try to make his online playing an hour tops. Well, I try. But sometimes I lose track of time. Everytime that happens, RJ is one happy kid!


Anonymous said...

We have the same struggle. I'm not sure why it is that children (and grownups!) get so fascinated and sucked into the online experience -- even without the social networking aspect; but it's bright, it's colorful it moves, it talks. I find that a favorite shared game or hobby can help to fill those hours after the homework is done. Good luck!
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