if the shoe fits

24 November 2010

My son left his rubber shoes in the car. He was supposed to bring it up in the house but he forgot as usual. His dad has a client meeting the whole day and is not sure if he can make it in time for RJ's basketball practice. Because RJ's feet practically grows an inch every single day, based on a cheapeskate mom's observation, I thought of letting him borrow my shoes just in case his Dad couldn't make it.

I got the surprise of my life when he tried it on. Well, not that surprised actually. I have always known that he will one day have the same shoe size as mine but not this early!

rubber shoes

The older the kids grow, their needs and wants become more expensive. I now have to double my efforts in looking for online coupons.

I can't wait for the time when he can borrow his Dad's clothes already or the other way around. We'll surely save money on clothes when that time comes.


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