he doesn't want to practice

19 January 2010

I have written on my previous post that my son is joining a talent show in school. Well, actually just it's an exclusive talent show for his Social Studies class. They are learning about talents and the different ways that we can use our God-given talents to benefit ourselves and our community (particularly to improve our Country).

My son is being very difficult these past few days. It is so painful for me, emotionally, to suppress my anger already. My patience is definitely wearing thin. He doesn't want to practice because he wants to play with his Nintendo DSi instead of practicing the song that he is going to perform tomorrow!

Yes, it is tomorrow already and he hasn't practiced yet. Well he did practice these past two days by just humming the song. As I have said, he spent the weekend just playing with his Nintendo DSi. He already suggested that he wants to quit already. The word "quit" coming from his mouth is really not acceptable for me. He said that I am making him work so hard by asking him to practice. Tonight, we have to practice for the last time. I hope I won't get mad at him tonight. I hope God will give me more patience. Just until tonight, so I can survive the pain suppressing my anger while practicing a complaining child. Tomorrow it will all be over. I hope to survive until tomorrow. I hope he does well tomorrow.


nicquee said...

There should really be somewhere where moms can buy a can or two of patience. I'm sure it will come handy. ;)

Good luck on your practice tonight!

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello... just dropping by... have a great week!!!

Melissa B. said...

My kids were always good at music. But the youngest wouldn't practice...she'd just kick the piano! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

Winter Cargo

sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

This is one reason why I want Dindin to go to school. We can't provide school programs for her.

Maybe your son is just tired sis. :D

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