charter on demand: missed shows, never again

29 January 2010

Our family love watching movies and television shows together. Due to hectic and conflicting schedules, we don't get to watch our favorite movies and television shows together. But because of Charter digital cable, those days would soon be over. Do you know that Charter Digital Cable includes free access to On Demand?

What is Charter On Demand anyway? Charter Cable TV On Demand allows you to choose among a variety of cable television options with just a click of a button. With Charter digital cable television you can catch all the latest episodes of your favorite shows from Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, and more.

The fun that you'll surely have with Charter On Demand doesn't stop there. You’ll have immediate access to Charter’s library of more than six thousand movies – from the classics to the latest blockbusters in HD – some available the same day they come out on DVD.

If your child (or you) suddenly needs to take a bathroom break, you can pause the movie! You are in control with Charter On Demand. Concerned with adults-only content? Parental control feature is available with Charter On Demand. It allows you to place locks on the ratings, channels and titles of your choice by just a few clicks on your remote control.

On Demand programming allows the whole family to relax and bond together in the comfort of one's own home. Do you want to find out more about Charter On Demand? Log-in and learn more at or get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.


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