do not bully my son

26 January 2010

Have you ever confronted somebody who is bullying your child? I have. A lot of times.

Because they didn't show respect to me. They don't care at all that they are bullying my son in front of me? Bullying for me is not just punching or being rough. Hurtful words or snide remarks, that is also bullying.

I also don't care if the child's parent is also there. I give them a chance to reprimand their child first. If they don't do it, I will gladly do it for them.

Yesterday, during my son's swim practice, one boy was shouting "boo rj!" while putting a thumbs down. I already confronted that boy before, I don't care if his dad is a Judge. I was so mad yesterday, I decided not to confront him.

I have to talk to the coach today. I will also talk to that boy if he does it again today.


Mrs. Kolca said...

keep your cool sis.. ganyan na ang ibang bata ngayon.. kulang sa disiplina sa kanilang bahay yan..

minsan den nangyari saken sa isang playground sa mall.. imagine, 1 year old lang ang daughter ko, pinaalis nong isang bata na mukhang 7 doon sa play horse.. eh, nauna naman kami.. tapos nakataas pa boses nong bata.. hayyy.. sarap kutusin oh! nagtimpi ako pero talaga next time, papatulan ko na yan e.. hihi!

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