curvaceous body, you want?

12 January 2010

What is your definition of beauty? Do you think you're beautiful? If a person has a pretty face and a "healthy" body, do you think that person is beautiful? After giving birth, a woman's body changes. Most of the time, if not always, new mom's feel that they have gained more weight than they intended to have. Insomnia, lack of appetite, insecurity - these are some of the bad effects of not feeling secure with our body.

Women and men alike have been taking advantage of newly developed technologies to have a better body. Most often than not, more and more people turn to liposuction to solve their weight issues. Laser Assisted Body Sculpting is more requested than the traditional liposuction. The overall benefits of laser-assisted liposuction are the following: smaller incisions can often be used; large, unsightly scars are not common; quicker recovery times; less pain during recovery; possibility of helping with cellulite reduction; increased skin retraction and elasticity.

Do you think you need a curvaceous body? Are you planning to have a liposuction procedure done, or have you had it already? Share your stories here. Other people can learn from other people's stories.


Mama Ko said...

Ohh I wish I had curvacious body that you are talking about. I can'teven afford to buy cheap things how much more spending on lipo hehehe.

nicquee said...

I think my thighs are too big and may grow bigger as I gave birth. I've been joking about it but will definite try something that does not include surgery. :)

Cens World said...

Regarding the definition of beauty? I suppose i have a different definition for beauty. When i close my eyes and think of this person, how does it make me feel? Nice? Hurt? Beauty is the attitude, it is the totality of a persons character. It is the features of the soul within.

Lipo? nahh... usually it is expensive and unless my job requires that i look gorgeous, i do not think so.

Been a while since i last dropped by dear. Just visiting. Nice post, by the way. Provoking indeed.

Take care

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