you don't have a Wii?!

24 January 2010

Wii is not just a gaming console, it's a reason to get together with your friends and family and play today's hottest games. Wii offers legendary Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, as well as all new classics like Wii Sports and Wii Play. Create your own Mii character to star in Wii games. Play friends online over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or use the Internet Channel to surf the net from your sofa. You can even download classic Nintendo games using the Wii Shop Channel. Take a look around and see why your TV is not complete without Wii.

My son, RJ, doesn't have a Nintendo Wii. Why? Because he already has a Nintendo DSi. His classmate though called him loser because he's the only one in school, according to that classmate, who doesn't have a Wii.

I said to RJ, "You are not a loser". In my opinion, the real losers are those people who buys things just because their neighbor or friend has one. It doesn't matter if one can afford it, what matters is one should only buy things that they need.

Should I buy him one? Maybe not now. What do you think?


Madz said...

I don't think your son will not be able to use the Wii that much since he already has a DSi, I can tell because having too much gadgets makes you somehow neglect the other gadgets, you can't use it all at the same time right? :)

But if you have the means to buy it, and your son did something great to deserve it, why not right? :)

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