it's time everyone doesn't fly...cebu pacific

07 January 2010

I have never availed of the low airfares offered by the airline company in the Philippines-Cebu Pacific. I am not comfortable with the 1peso (yes, you read it right ONE PESO. around $0.02), plus of course the taxes and terminal fees, seat sale offered by the airline year round.

The news yesterday about the embarrassing situation that was inflicted by Cebu Pacific crew members on a special child (and family) really made me sad and angry at the same time.

I symphatize with the boy's family, not because I have a nephew diagnosed with mild autism, but because this was so irresponsible and unfair of an airline with a motto "It's time everyone flies...Cebu Pacific".

I just don't understand why they only allow 2 people with special needs inside an aircraft. That was their reason why they wanted the family to leave the airplane. This was an international flight, is the aircraft that small that they don't have enough crew members for more than 2 people with special needs inside the plane? People with special needs will not travel anyway without other family members with them (to of course give them the care and attention they need). So, crew members shouldn't worry about having 2 0r more people with special needs on board the plane.

Given that they have rules (or whatever they call it) like that, why did they allow them to buy tickets, gave them boarding passes and allowed them to board the aircraft in the first place? (Do other airlines have the same rules also?) There were a lot of opportunities for them to tell the family, PRIVATELY since they were inside the plane already, without the not-needed-embarrassement infront of other people. Since the airport crew already made the mistake of letting them board the aircraft, why didn't they just inform the family of their rules. They could have allowed them to join the flight with the condition that next time they should inform the airport personnel that one member of the family has special needs and to please check the manifest if the flight they are joining doesn't have another special child/adult already.

Could have saved them (airline) embarrassment also and a lawsuit. I salute the mom for protecting her child and for standing for her child's rights. May she be an inspiration to other mom's with or without a child with special needs.


Mrs. Kolca said...

seriously, i feel for the mother.. cebu pacific should pay for the damage and public humiliation of the said mother and child.. and that crew who refused them to board the plane should be fired.. kainis yan!

Yani said...

hay! what they did is such a shame and totally uncalled for...everybody should be sensitive to the needs of these special children...

a thorough review on the policies of the airline should be done as well to make sure everybody is aligned and they cannot blame any similar incidents to plainly misunderstanding...

nicquee said...

I first read this news over twitter and I totally sympathize with the mom.

I've been hearing lots of negative feedback about Cebu Pacific and now, I'll do my best to avoid them, not that I travel a lot.

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