chubby ain’t cute

26 August 2011

There’s quite a number of chubby kids in my son’s school. No, he’s not one of them because he’s as thin as a stick. He’s not malnourished, says the school doctor so I’m not concerned.

Back to the overweight boys in his school. A chubby baby is cute, yes. But once a chubby baby grows into a chubby 6 year old, not cute at all. When I wait for my son in the school canteen, I’m really shocked how some parents buy lots of food for their kids after dismissal. A pizza is enough to feed a hungry child, but pizza, tacos, burger and pasta! The school even has a program that helps these big boys lose weight but if the parents are not cooperating...


I wonder what these parents would do when they see these (advertisements) online: click here for weight loss pills for your child and click here for restaurant deals for kids? What do you think would they click?

I feel sorry for the kids actually. Some can’t even run or walk fast. I sure hope that their parents realize that they are not babies anymore and that being overweight isn’t cute and isn’t healthy.

my baby is not a baby anymore

Finally, my first time to join. I have been wanting to join Manay Rose’s Nostalgia meme but I’m either too early or too late for the linky whenever I visit her site.


That’s my son RJ, when he was still in preschool and he still likes playing with his LeapPad. I miss hugging that little boy in the picture. Of course I love hugging the big RJ but I also miss the tiny little arms hugging me. I’m very lucky that he still loves to hug me. He’s now 10 and some kids his age are embarrassed to hug their parents in public. He also can’t sleep without hugging me, so sweet.

Hopefully he’ll still want to hug me even when he’s in college or has his own family already.


Stress-free day

19 August 2011

Finally. After a week of too much stress, I had a very relaxing day today. RJ’s quarterly test was scheduled this week and I had to help him review. Although he’s doing well in school, I still want to make sure that he’ll do well with this week’s test since it has the most weight in his report card grade.

I would celebrate with a box of cigars but I don't smoke. My dad on the other hand would probably do that. Friday is supposed to be a laundry day but I decided to just do that tomorrow.

Facebook's Hero City

RJ also had a stress-free afternoon. He had his last exam, for this quarter, which is Math this morning. For him, just like any other kid, studying is synonymous to stress. He de-stressed by playing Hero City on Facebook.

How to “smoothly” review for exams

15 August 2011


This post is intended for mommies who, most often than not, loose their cool when helping their kids review for school exams. That happens especially when the child doesn’t want to review and is dilly-dallying instead of focusing on studying. That and cramming equals STRESS!



stress-free study time = mommy who doesn’t look like a dragon


I hate cramming, not just with studying for exams but anything that involves last-minute anything, because I don’t want to stress myself. When I’m stressed, I usually can’t breath well. Not a good feeling so as much as possible I avoid getting stressed.


So how do I help my son study without any stress at all? We start studying a week before the exams. That way, I also get to identify where he’s already good at and where he needs to allot more time reviewing.


Do you have some tips on how to help your child review for school exams with less stress?



RJ's sports activities

13 August 2011

RJ has already tried different sports. And there’s more on his list (of sports activities that he wants to enroll in).

When he was 2 years old, I enrolled him in swim class at Rizal Memorial Stadium with my 6 month old niece. My mom will surely get mad at me and my sister, if ever she read this, since she doesn’t know that we enrolled my niece also. 

At 3 years old, his dad bought golf clubs for him. RJ, once in a while, accompany his dad in the driving range.

this is for sale, who wants to buy?

At 5 years old, we enrolled RJ in his school’s soccer club. But he’s so talkative, he finds time to talk with the other kids and doesn’t concentrate on the game. His dad jokingly told him, “Son, this is not golf so you don’t have to do ‘business talks’ with the other kids while playing.”

At 5 years old also, he tried out for his school’s swim team - he got in! He was also part of basketball club every Wednesday.


At 8 years old, he got “bored” with swimming. They train everyday and joins swim competition every weekend. So I allowed him to focus on basketball instead.


This year at 10 years old, he’s into soccer again.

And he wants to enroll in baseball next year.

That’s my son’s sports adventures, what sports does your child like?


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