chubby ain’t cute

26 August 2011

There’s quite a number of chubby kids in my son’s school. No, he’s not one of them because he’s as thin as a stick. He’s not malnourished, says the school doctor so I’m not concerned.

Back to the overweight boys in his school. A chubby baby is cute, yes. But once a chubby baby grows into a chubby 6 year old, not cute at all. When I wait for my son in the school canteen, I’m really shocked how some parents buy lots of food for their kids after dismissal. A pizza is enough to feed a hungry child, but pizza, tacos, burger and pasta! The school even has a program that helps these big boys lose weight but if the parents are not cooperating...


I wonder what these parents would do when they see these (advertisements) online: click here for weight loss pills for your child and click here for restaurant deals for kids? What do you think would they click?

I feel sorry for the kids actually. Some can’t even run or walk fast. I sure hope that their parents realize that they are not babies anymore and that being overweight isn’t cute and isn’t healthy.


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