my baby is not a baby anymore

26 August 2011

Finally, my first time to join. I have been wanting to join Manay Rose’s Nostalgia meme but I’m either too early or too late for the linky whenever I visit her site.


That’s my son RJ, when he was still in preschool and he still likes playing with his LeapPad. I miss hugging that little boy in the picture. Of course I love hugging the big RJ but I also miss the tiny little arms hugging me. I’m very lucky that he still loves to hug me. He’s now 10 and some kids his age are embarrassed to hug their parents in public. He also can’t sleep without hugging me, so sweet.

Hopefully he’ll still want to hug me even when he’s in college or has his own family already.



chubskulit said...

Awwwww such a sweet boy he is, mana sa mommy? It's true, kids when they grow up are not fond of hugging parents anymore. Salamat sa pagjoin manay.

Carla said...

omg... I'm teary eyed reading your post. I'm at work now and I suddenly miss my Little S.

Hahay PMS talaga making me so emotional.

Happy weekend :)

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