RJ's sports activities

13 August 2011

RJ has already tried different sports. And there’s more on his list (of sports activities that he wants to enroll in).

When he was 2 years old, I enrolled him in swim class at Rizal Memorial Stadium with my 6 month old niece. My mom will surely get mad at me and my sister, if ever she read this, since she doesn’t know that we enrolled my niece also. 

At 3 years old, his dad bought golf clubs for him. RJ, once in a while, accompany his dad in the driving range.

this is for sale, who wants to buy?

At 5 years old, we enrolled RJ in his school’s soccer club. But he’s so talkative, he finds time to talk with the other kids and doesn’t concentrate on the game. His dad jokingly told him, “Son, this is not golf so you don’t have to do ‘business talks’ with the other kids while playing.”

At 5 years old also, he tried out for his school’s swim team - he got in! He was also part of basketball club every Wednesday.


At 8 years old, he got “bored” with swimming. They train everyday and joins swim competition every weekend. So I allowed him to focus on basketball instead.


This year at 10 years old, he’s into soccer again.

And he wants to enroll in baseball next year.

That’s my son’s sports adventures, what sports does your child like?



Tetcha said...

RJ is really into sports, and that's really good for him, and swimming seems to be the favorite sport of our kids. Happy MM! Here's my entry: http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2011/08/mommy-moments-sports.html

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Great job, RJ! Pang-olympic eh! Versatile pa! :)

Visiting for MM! Hope to see you at my FAMILY ON SPORTS photos shared! Have a great weekend, sis! :)

jellybelly said...

Very athletic and it's wonderful to ready about children into sports. Most children these days just play PSP and computer games.

The Twerp and I

darly said...

sending our kids to different sports clinics are a great way to expose them to different disciplines and keeps them constructively occupied

Enjoy the week ahead, here's my MM entry for the week. God Bless!

Chris said...

you have an athletic child there! :D great job mommy for inspiring and supporting him :)

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