How to “smoothly” review for exams

15 August 2011

This post is intended for mommies who, most often than not, loose their cool when helping their kids review for school exams. That happens especially when the child doesn’t want to review and is dilly-dallying instead of focusing on studying. That and cramming equals STRESS!



stress-free study time = mommy who doesn’t look like a dragon


I hate cramming, not just with studying for exams but anything that involves last-minute anything, because I don’t want to stress myself. When I’m stressed, I usually can’t breath well. Not a good feeling so as much as possible I avoid getting stressed.


So how do I help my son study without any stress at all? We start studying a week before the exams. That way, I also get to identify where he’s already good at and where he needs to allot more time reviewing.


Do you have some tips on how to help your child review for school exams with less stress?




♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Thankfully, my boys, just like when I was in school, doesn't need to review during exam, i think they have a photographic memory. :)

May said...

Oh wow, we are in the same boat! I'm always thinking my son can do better but he dilly dallies and daydreams a lot. But then again, he's in 1st grade and I want him to enjoy school too, not let him feel like it is a chore. Besides, he has the most trouble in Chinese... but he got 99%, his highest among his other exam scores. LoL. Kids.

Visiting from KID! :)

jellybelly said...

Good strategy Mommy! It's always best to start early :)

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