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02 September 2009

My son needs to wake up at 515am during school days. He always complains that he is still too sleepy to wake up. Although his school is just 15 minutes away from our place and classes starts at 730am, school bus still requires to pick him up at 6am. It's because they need to pick up other kids on the way to school. I prefer to let him go to school in a school bus because it has a nanny that can help carry his things and bring him inside the school already.

Oh well, maybe next year we can just get a driver. I don't want to drive here in Manila.

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Curious Mind said...

aww. I can relate. haha. I hope you can get him directly to school cuz that's really a pain in the a$$ waking up early and then being around busmates (some are bully) and then the pressure of homework and everything else. That's just too much for a kid I think.

I'm no morning person too. haha

will add you up later. mwah!

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{Kiki} said...

My lil' guy doesn't start K4 for another week. We are both ready for some separation. It has been a long summer. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care.

nicquee said...

I can relate to you boy. Ayex's school is also 15-minutes away from our home and good thing that she's just in the pre-nursery, she doesn't have to bring a lot of thing everyday!

By the way, please visit me tomorrow as I have tagged you. Entry is in scheduled mode. :)

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