Nanny Trouble

08 September 2009

Every single day after school, except on weekends of course, I wait for my son finish his Chinese tutorial before accompanying him to his swim training. I am the only parent there waiting, most of the kids either have their yaya (nanny) or driver waiting for them. Some just wait for their parents to pick them up.

A girl, my son's age, accidentally wee-wee while getting her things in the waiting area today. How did I know? Because I saw the yaya's (and the driver's) crowding around her, asking simultaneously, "Why are you wet, did you pee?" "Where's your yaya, you don't have one?" "Go to the bathroom and change". As much as I want to help the child, I don't want to embarrass her more by joining the yaya's around her. I just called the tutor to help her out.

I can't help but overhear the yaya's beside me talking to each other.

Yaya1: "Kenkoy (not real name) pee accidentally while sleeping when he was still in preschool. You know what I did so he'll get scared and not do it again?"

Yaya2: "What did you do?"

Yaya1: "I got mad at him. I removed the bedsheet and wiped it on his face. It worked, he never pee again on the bed"

I was so shocked and angry at the same time. I am very sure the parents know what the yaya did. That yaya has been with them from the time the child was born until now that he is in 3rd grade.

This is the reason why I decided to be a SAHM and not get a yaya. If only I can find somebody like Nanny Fine.

Can you share experiences you've had with your child's caregiver?

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nicquee said...

I'm sure the parents of that kid didn't know what yaya did because if they knew about it, they would have fired her. I would have fired her if that happens to my kid!

So far, all our helpers were really helpful and good around Ayex whether we are around or not.

Good for you that you can afford to be a sahm. I envy moms like you. :)

Kate :-) said...! I cannot imagine someone doing that to a child!!! Oooh that makes me cross.

I am so thankful that I am a SAHM. We've had some disappointing experiences. One caregiver - while extremely loving to my children - never brought them outside. They were always in her dark basement. If they had food that had to be heated up at lunchtime then they were permitted to eat in the kitchen. Otherwise, the dark basement. As soon as I found out I removed them.

Another caregiver let my daughter walk down a busy street at noon - the heat of the day - in nothing but a bikini, 5 miles to the beach. Then she didn't give either of the children and food/fluids for 5 hours on this same day. They were incredibly dehydrated when we picked them up.

Again...SO glad I am a SAHM!

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