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10 September 2009

The swim varsity try-outs at my sons' school was two months ago. Non-varsity as well as varsity members from the previous school year were required to join the yearly try-outs. Only 40 slots are open every year to 4 - 18 year old boys.

Today, I got a letter from the School Director. My son was able to get a slot in the schools' swim team. Yipee!
I am so glad! I am so proud of my son. We don't have to pay P13,000/year ($270) + P500/competition ($10.50) for him to join the schools' swim club. Members of the school varsity are entitled to FREE everything (from training to competition fees). Members of the schools' swim club needs to pay for everything. Not to mention that if one wants to get the monthly payment option, it's triple the price!

That will save us P 25,000 -P 40,000 ($520 - $800) club membership fee for this year. What can I buy with that amount? Should I buy more shares in the stock market or just splurge it on shoes and clothes?

I'll just imagine a new fur coat (with that amount? maybe a non-designer-fur coat).

"Yeah right", you say, "humid weather in Manila remember?"

I did say "I'll just imagine" right?

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