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19 April 2009

Hi friends! Let me introduce my son RJ to all of you.

My son RJ just turned 8 years old this 22nd of June. He is just a few inches shorter than me . It is very probable that he'll be as tall as me already in about a year or two.

My son may be growing up so fast, but he will always be my baby --- my little boy --- MY BABY RJ.

My son RJ, just like a regular grade schooler has lots of favorites. One of the things we have in common is collecting and reading books. He can stay in a bookstore and browsing books for hours and hours without telling me that he's bored already.

He told me when he was just in preschool that he is going to put up a bookstore business when he grows up. He already made borrowers cards as well as detailed instructions on rules in his bookstore.

He is a big fan of K-Zone Magazine also.

His lego collection is one of his favorites. He builds houses, cars, animals with his legos.

He also loves drawing, cutting and building different things with cereal boxes that we collect.

He is a very creative boy.

RJ is into sports also.

He is a member of his school's swimming varsity. He trains with his coach everyday after school.

He loves running also. He already joined marathon's and plans to join more this year.

He is into basketball, golf and soccer also.

He also loves to draw and paint also.

You can see in his drawings and paintings his creativity. He doesn't have any formal training, yet he draw and paint really well. We have been planning to enroll in a painting and drawing classes together, maybe next summer vacation we can do it already.

He also loves composing songs (and poems), loves playing chess, is very addicted to cousin toto's psp (nope-doesn't have his own).

He wants to be a paleontologist, architect, businessman, farmer (at 2 years old), jeepney driver and bus conductor (when he was 3) when he grows up.

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Crystal said...

They grow up so fast! Visiting from SITS. :)

Ms. Sarah said...

they grow to fast. I cant believe our oldest is six already. I can still see his chubby little face the day he was born. Stopping in from sists

Karen said...

I'm sure he's a wonderful boy!

Visiting from SITS. Hope you had a nice holiday!

Hear Mum Roar said...

He sounds like a lot of fun!

Jayde said...

Stopping by from SITS. Your baby boy sounds like a very talented kid. Have fun with him!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Oh don't they grow up too quickly. He sounds like such a wonderful boy!

Princess Sarah said...

you are blessed sis, God bless
Thanks for the visit. I'll be back

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Sherry said...

time fly sis, I agree with you.. kids education very costly here.

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